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Des Boodram

Another week is behind us, and another week in the black is behind us as well.  I’m convinced you don’t care about who’s on my season long roster, but I will say I’m middle of the pack in most of my leagues, while still taking my own advice, but killing it the daily game.  Yes I botched the Colin Kaepernick call, but because I nailed all of the rest of the my cash game picks my cash lineup actually churned out the highest point total of the season. Kap still hit value though with close to 18 points.  With a $6500 price tag on FanDuel he only needed 16.25 points to hit value, but my personal goal is 20 points from the QB position.  On to Week 8.

QUARTERBACK – California Too Cool

No healthy and producing QB has been more scrutinized this season than Aaron Rodgers, but there are a lot of reasons to love him this week.  First of all he has a great matchup against an average defense that just let everyone on San Diego rack up points against them.  Secondly, I’d be crazy to think Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb will pull another Houdini act like they did in Week 7.  Lastly but not leastly, no running game to speak of in a contest that will be fast paced and potentially high scoring.

I’m spending big at QB this week, even though there are several other QBs that have great matchups.  If you’re concerned about Rodgers and his accuracy in his 2nd half, know that, the rising up of Devante Adams and Ty Montgomery offsets all of that.  These are like new toys for Rodgers to along with the Woody and Mr. Potato Head he already has in the toy chest.  Oh, and in case you were wondering about his numbers, they are slightly better than they were in 2010 – the same season the Packers won the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady, Matt Stafford, Derek Carr, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Trevor Siemian and Jameis Winston all have great matchups and should hit value.  My super sneaky ninja pick if you are having bye week, matchup or injury issues is Ryan Fitzpatrick who is pissed off – and playing against the Browns, that’s enough for me.

RUNNING BACK – Ware and Tear

Going back to the well with guys like Spencer Ware, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Melvin Gordon always makes me a bit nervous.  This strategy already burned me with Jay Ajayi who ripped of 200 plus yards in Week 6 and then proceeded to do the same in Week 7 – gulp!!  So if I’m going to roll with player to go to the well with in Week 8 – it’s going to be Spencer Ware.  There is no controversy in Kansas City, and barring an injury Ware is the feature back.  Charles is still not right and the Chiefs know that.  This week, Ware gets the Indianapolis Colts how have just been torched by DeMarco Murray this past week, and Lamar Miller the week before that…. and then pretty much every RB before that.  The Colts stink against the run, and RBs have been successful in the receiving game as well.

It should be noted that could argue both sides of Devonta Freeman this week and why he could be a good or bad play at home to the Packers.  I think he’ll hit value, which is roughly 17.5 points, a number he’s hit a few times this season already.  The Packers are above average against run, but they will be spread out against the Falcons.  Freeman is great in the receiving game as well, and always a threat to score in the red zone.  Tevin Coleman looks like he’ll miss this week, which really seals the deal for me with Freeman.  Fingers crossed the Packers don’t get up big early.

WIDE RECEIVERS – Evans is Heavens

There are several WRs that check all the boxes this week.  A good matchup.  A history of good volume.  A good quarterback with an average or non-existent running game and a WR who will be part of a favorable game flow conducive to a lot of passing are all boxes I’m trying to check off when deciding which WRs I’m going to roster.
Mike Evans – is a clear go-to here against Oakland.  He’ll get a ton of targets and red zone looks.  I expect Oakland to well on him, but the volume he’ll receive gives him a high floor.  Ty Hilton averages 11 targets per game, and that a sick-nasty number.  I see a lot of throwing by Andrew Luck against the Chiefs.  Golden Tate could be your golden ticket as well, facing a Houston team with a depleted secondary.  Stafford’s been on point for a good while, and Tate has been the prime benefactor in the last two games.  My ninja pick this week is Doug Baldwin.  He’s still the number one WR in that offense, and the Saints will be set on letting for Saint TE Jimmy Graham beat them.

TIGHTEND – Oh Doyle Rules

Jack Doyle crushed value last week with a 9/78/1 line at a $4700 value.  Doyle is a must play in cash at that price even if he gets 6-8 targets.  The price is just too good, and the match up is decent.

If I’m spending big the no brainer pick up in the daily game is Greg Olsen.  Jimmy Graham had a bunch of room against the Cardinals defense and Olsen has had success against this unit in the past.  Gronk has the highest floor, but the highest price as well.  My Ninja TE this week is C.J. Fiedorowicz, who faces a DET defense that is amongst the worse at defending TEs – he is more expensive than Doyle though, so that’s a tough one.  If you’re desperate for TE plug n play, what have you got to lose?

All the best this week Gamers.