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ATS Staff Writer

Looks like 2 point moves are 13-7. That’s on par with any other value.

A move is a move. I think what you see is the Sharp money moving the line, and then you see people touting the pick which the public then picks up to ride the pick and move the line even further.

It’s like I was telling McGrath, Bon, you can either:

A) Take a few points and fade the Sharp money


B) You can follow the sharp money, and give up a few points.

I can see the case for both, but to me, I’ve made my choice with “B” because t he numbers seem to indicate that Sharps don’t typically bet teams that are supposed to win by 1 basket. They try to bet locks. YES sometimes it comes to within a basket, but the sharps usually have a good bead on things and riding them is highly advantageous when we’re talking about SOS system qualifiers.