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ATS Staff Writer

Membership Includes:

Raymond Report
Regular Database
Super Database
Smart Database
80% Club
Streaks Reports (good to make sure you’re not fading a strong team)
ATS Forecast
Line Moves
Access To Professional Touts

All of these deal with real stats and real trends.

All of these have a place in the conversation.

There is gold here, McGrath and I have proven it, it’s just a matter of testing and finding out what works.

But the REAL thing that a membership would bring you? You could start testing theoretical system YOURSELF and share them with the forums when you find them!!

This way, with enough people, NO MATTER THE SPORT…NO MATTER THE TIME OF SEASON….we are absolutely guaranteed to have a PROVEN ATS system that earns money that we can all bet.

Depending how much your unit size is, this forum has already paid for a year long subscription.

I think you should join on, officially, as the 3rd Klondike minor.

Me, McGrath, and you will make this thing bigger and better.