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I just did our usual SOS for NBA but for MLB. +5 or more using SOS find the games that qualified, 2 for today and bet those games ML or straight up. No run line.

Both games were under -1.40 which is my criteria, finally place the bets.

I figure we have to start somewhere. Maybe SOS +5 or more is all we need for baseball. I don’t play run lines! So that leaves money lines and totals. I am curious how SOS will play out. Will SOS change from game 1 to game 2 to game 3. No travel involved. Teams are rested. Does SOS only work for the first game of a 3 game series. Maybe that is what we wait for? Win that 1st game and forget about the next 2. This would sure lower the number of games we would be betting on thruout the regular season.

Pre season doesn’t count for anything. The database got lucky today.

Something to consider, though.