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ATS Staff Writer

It’s all about streaks with MLB.
So there is a high probability that the SOS will highlight the best streaks.

We should track both ATS and WTS spread as well to see what’s going on there.

Maybe ATS is the bigger consideration?

Maybe the L7 vs will be the bigger consideration?

Is there something on the Raymond Report we can use?

Lots of questions…

We should each be documenting 2 systems with the hopes of finding the best one that we can use for 2016. Also, we absolutely need to understand WHAT TIME OF SEASON our systems do and don’t work.

If we do these things, we have a chance at a future filled with dollar bills.

I’ll be betting 1/10th units on theoretical systems. Technically, I shouldn’t be betting anything, but if I don’t put SOMETHING on it…well…that would break my streak of betting 4 years straight, nearly every single day.

I highly recommend you start a spreadsheet. Finding algorithms with a paper and pencil is crazy ness.

That Sluth you’re taking about? That’s your Spreadsheet.

Right click anywhere on your desktop to open it up.

Everything is all neatly organized for you.

How do you think I figured out that when the line moves with the pick we’re 23-9?

That’s what a spreadsheet can do for you.

All you need to know to use it is…NOTHING. It’s plain and simple.

Catch ya tomorrow bright and early, bushy tailed, and all that 🙂