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ATS Staff Writer

Yeah exactly McGrath.

You know, when you interpret what these numbers mean, they indicate how a team played 14-7 games ago, and how they played 7-0 games ago.

So what it’s describing is sharp spikes of increased/decreased performance.

Considering we’re always on the WTS side…I think that what’s happening is that the public is not catching up, or able to put a number value on the AMOUNT that a team is streaking.

So we can catch WTS teams that are hot or WTS teams that are facing cooling top teams.

Without the public picking up the trend quick enough, the books will be forced to give us points over and over and over again. It could be W 0.5, it could be W 10.5. Who knows. But the point is, I think that this logically puts us on the right side of the points without having to pay for them.

I think this system describes logic, McGrath.

I think this system beats the public.

It makes PERFECT sense that we would find the outliers in the cool/hot teams instead of the average range.

Put simply…

The only way a SOS 30 team shows up as a pick for us is if they’re improving from 25, and/, if they’re facing a cooling team.

The public won’t track this quick enough, and will bet the ATS side. This will pile points on our improving “30” team. The game ends up tighter than expected and we cover.


The team that was 55 is now in the 60s. The team that WAS average is now exceptional. The only way we play a ***WTS*** 60 is if they’ve improved or if they’re playing a team on a recent downswing. So again. the public is betting the hot team thinking they have to come back, and that the WTS team has been lucky lately. But the point is that betting the outlying 30 and 60 WTS picks makes logical sense and it preys on the public naturally giving teams undeserved action.