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ATS Staff Writer

The only issue I have here…is again…we are not betting ML. We are betting ATS. We’re not up against struggling and inconsistent teams…we’re up against Vegas book makers AND the points that the public takes from the line as the day goes on, when it comes to popular teams…

I think I might try tracking the other way…and look at double digit dogs.

+10.5 to cover etc.

No theory necessary, I can see it all right here:


Let me look this up and see if there is a positive assessment here somewhere.
If I’m right, the public are taking points ATS from popular teams and giving undo points WTS.

Given what you’re looking into, one of us should find the gold…unless vegas bookmakers are awesome. Then we’ll find 50/50 everywhere we look…like with most things lol.

Also, we should probably officially cap your Smart Stat System today.

You were 60% up until a week ago and then BOOM!

My question is…when did you start that Smart3StarSystem?

When can we say it was most effective?

I’ll look at the numbers, but I’m pretty sure that you were CONSISTENTLY averaging about 60% across almost 2 months.

If you’d like to keep tracking it just to see what it would do, that’s fine too.

We could even look at FADING the system this time of year?


My system is dying a slow death too at the moment I fear.

We wanted to know if it was a hiccup or the start of a heart attack…I think we’re starting to get our answer here lol.

“Paging Dr. McGrath to Cardio, We need a LATE LATE SEASON NBA system stat!”