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ATS Staff Writer

In Spring Training, where a team had a 5 or more rung advantage on hitting (.OPS)….They were able to win despite having disadvantages in the L5G and Overall Spring Training ERA due to their hitting, 3-1. So the hitting seems to have more purchase.

This is further underscored when we see that when the starter has BOTH L5G and overall Spring Training ERA, that prediction whether the pitching should lose or whether the pitching should win is a revealing 1-5.

Also, it should be added that we might look at systems that only deal with WTS picks. something tells me (I haven’t taken the 10 hours to sort it out) that teams that are priced at -150 actually only deserve -140 ratings. It’s my experience that ALL bettor, public and pro, have a bias to ATS picks and this must translate to Vegas overvaluing WTS lines and undervaluing ATS lines.