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Yesterdays Smart Stat lost by 2 points double OT. The previous 2 plays were winners. SO……

Tonight 4 game qualify on the last day of regular season.

CHA @ TOR Over 195.5
SAN @ N.O. Under 193.5
UTH @ HOU Under 194
DEN @ G.S. Under 217

I am happy just to see what happens except for 1 game. CHA @ TOR

Now folks here in TO think the Raps are going to tank this game in order to avoid MIL and play WAS instead. TOR coach has already stated the whole team will play. Lot’s of injuries on CHA side and we should see lot’s of TOR’s bench tonight. These guys can score!! in the paint, hit the 3 ball from downtown. This total has dropped from say 200 down to 194 ish, roughly six points. I have to admit I like the over 194. Sure these 2 teams could stink out the joint and lot’s of travel from both teams. Back to back and 3 games in 4 nights no wonder this total has dropped! it almost seems to simple. This game should land right on 194.

Something tells me the fans want TOR to lose this game and finish in 4th spot and play WAS. This will be a sell out tonight and I would not be surprised if TOR does the opposite and beats CHA tonight and scores 110 points. Neither team will play defense tonight!! Why bother!! Don’t risk injury!!

If I bet this game to go under 194 it will sail over 200 for sure. Vegas would be happy.

Gut feeling, Smart Stats, and Vegas liking this game to go Over. Why would they open this game around 200 knowing 3/4 for CHA and BB for TOR. If they thought this game was going to be a snooze fest why not open it at say 195? Equal action. They opened this line high knowing everyone would bet the under. Why?

I would not be surprised if both these teams played no defense and it’s 2 points every possession with TOR hitting the 3 ball all night.

I am going with Smart Stats tonight and a BLOWOUT TOTAL of a game.

2 units. CHA @ TOR Over 194