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Well that Raptor game pissed me off. Smart Stat goes 0-4 to end the regular season.

We had 1 Smart Stat yesterday in MLB. It was a winner. Did I play it…No. Figures. Looks like SOS is moving again. It did pretty good yesterday. ARI over SFG was a nice winner (+1.50). Did I play those SOS plays…Nope. Figures.

Well enough time has gone by and I guess we have a decision to make. Start playing Smart Stats and SOS or lay off and wait. Hmm.

Today we have 6 Smart Stat plays in MLB.

ATL @ TOR Under8
MIL @ PIT Under 7
PHI @ WAS Over 7 ***
MIA @ NYM Under 7
NYY @ T.B. Under 7.5
TEX @ SEA Under 7

Out of all 6 plays PHI @ WAS Under 7 runs has the most going for it. Might be worth a play.

Looks like maybe 6 SOS plays today.

So that would make 12 plays total for today. That is a lot of plays!! No way could I risk a unit on each play. Bankroll killer!! Now I might consider playing 11 to win whatever the odds pays or maybe 22 to win what the odds pay. Playing 11 seems a waste of time. Why bother.

As we both know we have to play all picks or none. Geez, what to do??