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ATS Staff Writer

Once MLB teams are 14 games deep, I’ll be starting a new forum.

This way, whatever we do for NBA, we can track separately instead of it all bleeding together and being impossible to understand when what was happening.

When we’re streaking, one way or the other, it might be worth it to make note so that we can easily see time of seasons.

It all seems fresh right now, but in 2016, this forum will be MONEY.

The fact that we predicted exactly what would happen and when….and then having it repeat itself TO THE “T”….2016 will be a money year.

It will be the FIRST TIME that I’ll have put ATSSTATS to use the way that it was meant to.

If NCAAF repeats what happened last season, same thing will be true in the ’16 -’17 NCAAF season.

We can finally start getting some proper payouts at about 60%.

Imagine…you could go flip burgers and full time…and still be making more than your boss! 🙂