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Ok so we have STL @’WAS. STL PVI is 33. WAS PVI is 42. Now go to the Raymond Report. Call up this game. Look for the road and home teams % of winning this game. So STL’s % of winning that game is 47%. WAS’s % of winning that game is 50%. So now we have 33 and 47 for STL and 42 and 50 for WAS. 42 is higher than 33. 50 is higher than 47. So WAS has the higher PVI and % of winning that game.

It doesn’t always line up!! Out of all the games today this only happens for 3 games. BAL, WAS and MIL. It’s just another duck in a row. The more ducks in a row the better. It won’t stop me from betting the other team but when it happens on the team I am betting on, the better it is. I have no record for this but I have noticed these occurrence’s tend to win.