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Remember that KC win over CLE after CLE just came home after a 10 game road trip. KC crushed CLE. Well that got me to thinking. How many times does this situation happen in the month of May?

I will tell you… It happens 9 times in the month of May!! That is a team coming home after a 6-10 game road trip and are now playing at home with no rest vs a team that has played a relatively easy schedule.

There are 10 more games where a team comes home after an 8, 9 or 10 game road trip. Most of all of these games involve travel and it ends up being almost 2 full weeks on the road.

We should bet against these home teams!!!

I have it all written down in front of me. It’s to hard to type this info using my iPAD. I will type it up tomorrow with a proper keyboard.

Always thinking ahead. Until the database clicks in… We should consider travel and scheduling. I mean at least it is something.