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ATS Staff Writer

SOS/PVI: 10-5
SOS/Stars: 11-8
SOS/Forecast: 12-8

Forecast/PVI: 10-7
Forecast/Stars: 14-7

PVI/Stars: 8-11

Yes, we’ve found a couple +60% bangers here.
No, we don’t expect them to maintain through the whole season.

If we can find a few that work well for the next 6-8 weeks before parity taking them over, then we can bet those in the 2017 season with some confidence. I say 2017 because this is FRESH POWDER.

NBA was predicted, and then confirmed this year. So next year, we will do the exact same thing at the same time of season, with confidence, betting whole units.

Next year with MLB, we will confirm what appeared to work this season, and then in 2017 we’ll POUND Vegas for all it’s worth.

This was not pred