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I figured I would throw this in. It is from RR’s 50 Sports Betting Secrets book. It helps explain things. Not all games I am talking about are West coast to East coast travel games… But almost 2 weeks on the road logging 1000’s of miles in the air still takes it’s toll.

Bet against Home Teams off a Long Road Trip: Here’s one of those biorhythms type go-against plays, where you want to take advantage of a team’s fatigue. If you have a team on a West or East coast road trip of 5 games or more, there’s a good chance that team will be away from home for 8 or more days. Once back home, they take care of family responsibilities; they are out of their daily home routine and fatigue sets in, especially if they are coming off a different time zone. Consider this tip for betting on baseball, hockey and basketball. It’s also known as “Weak Knees Syndrome”. Think about it, it will come to you!