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ATS Staff Writer

SOS/PVI: 15-6
SOS/Stars: 19-13
RR: 27-17
Loners: 38-20

OK so when we have loners, SOS is 16-7, Forecast is 14-10, PVI is 16-7, Stars is 28-13. So I’ll be leaving out Forecast here on out. I’m contemplating adding RR, but I don’t think we can, or need to, improve on 60-65%; especially, when we can just bet the RR SU with a 27-17 record.

Tuesday’s Picks:
ATL -152 (Loner + RR)
BOS -122 (Loner)
CWS -111 (Loner)
LAD -155 (Loner)
STL -130 (RR) < – – – higher RF/RA, but also strong Green vs Red.