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McGrath, I have observed and tracked, to some extent, several dozen systems. It could border on nearly 100. I have observed time in and time out systems that connect for a short period of time, and then level out to perfect parity. The Slaughter Play doesn’t seem like it’s one of those. The aspect of the consideration is unique, and it’s WAY past 66%. If you don’t know, 66% is generally the border. We saw this with the NBA Smart and NBA SOS systems. 19-6-1 is something to bank on. And that’s BEFORE we add to it the fact that it’s a system that was recommended by a professional handicapper. So far we have no Slaughter plays for tomorrow, but who knows, maybe KCR@DET will give us a target for tomorrow.

GREAT JOB out here McGrath, and I really look forward to your posts and ideas on a daily basis and I really really appreciate not having to analyze all of this myself! 🙂