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ATS Staff Writer

When T ROSS ‘s Team played as Road Team- With a spread between 100 and 120: 4-17-1 ML

When T ROSS ‘s Team played as Home or Away Team- With Total between 7.5 and 8.0: 5-14 ML

OK. So Ross is notably TERRIBLE at both this total and at these odds.

What do ya think? CIN priced at near PK….Hmmmmm. We know that Cin’s bats are not particularly silent…

You know this reminds me of a traditional handicapping method I used to use. I would catch teams in the middle of their bats. So when a team was going 2-2-0-4-1-2-3 RF L7G (Low scores) I would never bet them.
When I saw teams going 4-4-2-6-3-7-5 L7G, I would see they had hot bats and I’d bet them (provided they weren’t against a hot streak pitcher). But it’s kind of like that with CIN. We have a hot bat vs a cold pitcher.