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Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets 
O/U :5.52.38
Vs.Date: 2014-04-01
Time: 21:05:00

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Phoenix Coyotes
Phoenix Coyotes
SIDE :-185
3.05 = 5.43


This game is set up to be all odds against WPG. Not only in the narrative and position of the matchup, but logistically as well. The Jets should have almost nothing left in the tank after last night’s 4 point comeback in the 3rd period by ANA, which left Jets players and Jets fans reeling.

So on the positional side of things tonight, we have PHOENIX who are on their play-off cusp as a wildcard spot and know that they will need every single win that they can get.

We saw that the home crowd woke up ANA last night and so even if PHX falls behind, their fans will remind them that they’re in a battle for the playoff spot.

Did you know:

  • Historically speaking, PHX is 8-0-1 SU @PHX vs WPG since 1996.
  • When WINNIPEG team played as a road team two back to back games Coming off a 1 goal loss 3 games in 4 nights: SU 2-14-0

Normally we don’t pride ourselves in picking high chalk winners, but since PHOENIX has absolutely everything going for them, we should be more than confident to place our money on this kind of value. PHX chances of winning must outdo anything on the board today across all sports, so this will be the pick we’re bringing you today.



The list continues like that and goes on and on.

I’m not sure if this pick really needs any more explanation than what’s been given here…I would say though…that WPG will be livid with themselves and will be lashing out in complete embarrassment from last night’s debacle in what must have been one of the worst upset-comebacks of the ’13-’14 season. I expect WPG to play hard and I expect them to finish their checks.


Tonight’s prediction: PHOENIX to win 4-2.






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