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San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Giants 
O/U :9



Date: 2014-04-02
Time: 20:40:00

Generated from 50 Previous Games

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks
SIDE :-110

4.66 = 10.4


Both SFG and ARI are making solid contact. Their bats are hot and they’re banging out over totals.

The activity of the bats makes the pitching ERA that much more accurate.

SFG’s Hudson clocked mediocre 4.26 in Spring Training.
ARI’s Cahill clocked a wretched 11.25 in Spring Training.

Both these teams have comparable batting averages through Spring Training, but ARI did better than expected against Cain last night so they might have the better bats.

Regardless of all other factors, Cahill should be considered as a static weakness, and SFG should open up and shut this game down within the first 4.5 innings.


All things are mostly equal, but the outstanding edge would be:

  • Road Teams Predicted Runs For: 5.56
  • Road Teams Predicted Runs Against: 5.94
  • Home Teams Predicted Runs For: 4.88
  • Home Teams Predicted Runs Against: 5.72





Compared to the +30 Green/Blue Star  factors that indicated tonight’s mem’s game to go u199, here are a few of the outliers that we found after looking through our ATSStats database.



Tonight’s Prediction: San Francisco to win 8-5.






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