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Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks 
O/U :9.5



Date: 2014-04-05
Time: 19:10:00

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Colorado Rockies
Colorado Rockies
SIDE :-123

4.83 = 9.32


Baseball season is open and firing on all cylinders! Strap yourselves in because…well…baseball is awesome. It’s the gift that keeps giving. From morning until night, there is always a pitch being thrown and a bat being swung!

Speaking about “firing on all cylinders”, COLORADO timber is the hottest bats in the league this year:

  • COLORADO was 1st in Spring Training boasting a .296 average.
  • COLORADO is 2nd in Regular Season boasting a .303 average.

All other factors aside, their hitting already has COLORADO with a ton of unimpeachable value.
Unimpeachable value is rare, but it pays better than risky angles and chancy speculation so long as the odds justify it.

  • ARI was 17th in Spring Training with a .266 average.
  • ARI is 14th in Regular Season with a .246 average.

When McCarthy has faced COLORADO hitters, he has only 21 at bats batting under an average of .300. He has 48 at bats over .300 and most of those are over .600.

This is as dismal as can be and with these numbers, I doubt that there is any team that McCarthy does worse against.

What a perfect storm. 2014 COLORADO bats vs McCarthy.

McCarthy’s Spring Training was a very respectable 2.70ERA across 20 IP; but with that said, McCarthy is currently sitting on a 6.75ERA across 6.2 innings pitched in the regular season.


On the other hand, De La Rosa has traditionally fared better than average vs ARI hitters and so that’s a plus.

With that’s said, De La Rosa scored a 5.40ERA across 16.2 IP in Spring Training and that is definitely a little bit concerning because his Regular Season stats so far are  10.38 ERA across 4.1 IP

So as long as De La Rosa pitches anywhere near his potential, COLORADO should still come out on top here. If that were 10.38 ERA  across 20 IP, this would be a different story. 4.1 IP is a very small sample to put stock into and so we will keep that in mind.



When ARIZONA team played as a 120 to 140 road Underdog – Vs. Left handed pitchers – 2nd game of a series 11-21-0

When ARIZONA team Played as road team as a Underdog – Total is 9.5 – Last 2 years 1-9-0

When COLORADO played as Favourite- With a spread between 120 and 140 19-11-0

When COLORADO team Played as home team as a Favorite – Total is 9.5 – Before a division game 37-22-0

When COLORADO Played as home team as a Favorite – During Last 2 Years – With 3 Over or More 16 – 10 – 0


All in all ATSSTATS has COL with slightly better chances to win in this position, but most certainly better chances.


Did you know:

When COLORADO team played as Home team as a Favorite Coming off a 10 or more run win: 15-9-0



Tonight’s Prediction: COLORADO to win 8-7.






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