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Toronto Blue Jays (Morrow) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Cole) – Preview May 2nd, 2014

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays 
O/U :7.53.2
Vs.Date: 2014-05-02
Time: 18:05:00

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Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates
SIDE :-130
4.05 = 7.25


Short and sweet? Look something’s gotta give here for Pittsburgh:


  • Pirates easily have one of the top 10 bullpens in the league. (2.50ERA @home)
  • Toronto easily has one of the worst 10 bullpens in the league. (5.74ERA @road)

PITTSBURGH dominates this category.



  • Toronto bats are somewhat better (4.6R/G all games, 4.2R/G @road)
  • Pirates bats are a little less (3.6R/G all games, 3.9R/G @home)

TORONTO stands a little better…but looking at home/away, there is a chance that Pirates could outdo Toronto bats tonight.



  • Pittsburgh has a way better starter. (Cole: 3.18ERA all games, 1.80ERA @home)
  • Toronto has a terrible starter. (Morrow: 6.04ERA all games, 5.27ERA @away)

PITTSBURGH absolutely dominates this category as well.




Historical trends that SUPPORT the Pittsburgh pick:



Historical trends that THREATEN the Pittsburgh pick:


Tough to say much more than simply Pittsburgh seems to have the defined edge in real-time, and they have the ATS blessing regarding their history as well in this position.



Tonight’s Prediction: PITTSBURGH to win 5-3.






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