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Colorado Rockies (Lyles) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Hernandez) – Preview May 28th, 2014


Colorado Rockies
Colorado Rockies 
O/U :8



Date: 2014-05-28
Time: 18:05:00

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Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies
SIDE :-111

4.09 = 8.81


  • Lyles is pitching extraordinarily poorly. (5.87ERA L3G)
  • Hernandez is pitching extraordinarily well. (1.45ERA L3G)
  • Colorado is batting in a cooler right now. The same way that Toronto can’t lose due to their batting, it could be the polar opposite for Colorado.
  • David Rackley is 8-0 with the Home Team so far this season and a whopping 75% of last seasons games ended in a Home decision as well.


All else being comparable, even perhaps leaning slightly with Colorado…the plate umpire can decide games on the spot. Effectively, this is what we’re banking on.

Have you ever watched a game where the umpire’s strike-zone frustrates the pitcher to the point where you can sense the disgust seething from the pitcher’s every pore? That’s the whole idea behind tonight’s Philly pick.

Other ATS factors stack up as the following:

  • ATS Matchups – Very slight edge to COLORADO.
  • ATS S.O.S. – Equal and even.
  • ATS Raymond Report – Equal and even.

Based on the umpire’s home team bias, Hernandez’s hot streak, Colorado’s hitting cold streak..Philadelphia gets our nod.

The fact that Philly is paying equal money when they’re power-rated at about +130, in tandem with the line moving WITH Philadelphia, considering that they’re up against the #1 hitters in the league (completely dissuading the public action from betting Philly) …and since Philadelphia isn’t a particularly large populace, it’s reasonable to assume that the action with Philly is likely sharp, and although the value is not super hot with Philly, the chances to win might be considered a ‘lock’ by the sharp community.

Bottom line, the Phillies are worth a 1/4-1/2 unit wager.



Tonight’s Prediction: PHILADELPHIA to win 4-3.






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