Boston Red Sox (Peavy) vs. Baltimore Orioles (Norris) Preview – Jun 9 2014

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Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox 
O/U :8.54.39
Vs.Date: 2014-06-09
Time: 18:05:00

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Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Orioles
SIDE :-112
4.16 = 8.55



There are lots of good games on board tonight. Pirates, White Sox, Royals, Rockies and Diamondbacks are all looking tantalizing, but the one game that sticks out just a little further than the rest is Baltimore.

Baltimore has been doing something this season, consistently, that they haven’t been doing in years past. They are hitting the ball with efficiency and with frequency.

Baltimore is not only hitting 4.5 runs per game all season but they’re hitting 6.0 runs per game L7G.

In comparison, Boston is hitting only 3.8RPG all season and 4.0 L7G.




Although both pitchers have had a terrible ERA across their last 3 outings, (Peavy throwing 5.75ERA and Norris throwing 6.88ERA L3G) it’s Norris that is doing better in the split stats.

  • Peavy 5.46ERA on the road.
  • Norris 3.12ERA at home.
  • Peavy is 5.29ERA at night.
  • Norris is 3.86ERA at night.



Boston’s bullpen is 3.00ERA on the road.
Baltimore’s bullpen is 4.02ERA at home.



BAL 30 – 30 50.00 50.00 49.89 0.50 4 – 3 57.14 42.86 61.22 0.59 7 – 7 50 50 59.19 0.55
BOS 28 – 34 45.16 54.84 50.84 0.48 2 – 5 28.57 71.43 51.02 0.40 8 – 6 57.14 42.86 37.75 0.47


SOS is showing that Boston is functioning way under spec. They’re playing some of the worst ball that they’ve played all season long; in contrast, Baltimore are the ones who are stacking up and finding the wins against better competition.

If momentum has anything to do with a team’s performance, then Balitmore is standing far superior in that aspect headed into tonight’s contest.

Did you know:

  • Boston is 15-26 vs RHP.


It’s for these reasons that Baltimore gets the nod today.

Their advantage is subtle, yet clear. At even money, Baltimore is a good bet and should earn money over the long run.



Tonight’s Prediction: BALTIMORE to win 4-3.






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