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Texas Ranger (Saunders) vs. Seattle Mariners (Ramirez) – Preview – June 13th, 2014

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Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers 
O/U :7.53.99
Vs.Date: 2014-06-14
Time: 21:10:00

Generated from 55 Previous Games

Seattle Mariners
Seattle Mariners
SIDE :-115
3.56 = 7.55


Seattle has lost 4 straight games. While this does wonders for the Texas ML, it also will motivate the Seattle Mariners to play with all they got. Nonetheless, it’s a good explanation of the lob-sided value towards Texas so taking Texas as the underdogs makes perfect sense in this position.

Did you know: Seattle is 2-7 after 3 consecutive losses?



On the bump for Texas today is Joe Saunders:

  • 3.60ERA all games.
  • 4.15ERA on the road.
  • 3.68ERA at night.
  • 2.20ERA L3G.

Saunders is 8-1 vs Seattle with a 3.52ERA and a WHIP of 1.326.

On the bump for Seattle today is Erasmo Ramirez:

  • 5.97ERA all games.
  • 4.91ERA at home.
  • 5.57ERA at night.
  • 4.61ERA L3G


Ramirez is 0-0 vs Texas with a 6.00ERA and a WHIP of 1.444.

The pitching summary gives a strong and obvious edge to Texas.




The Rangers are hitting:

  • 4.2RPG all games.
  • 4.4RPG on the road.
  • 5.3RPG vs LHP.


The Mariners are hitting:

  • 4.0RPG all games.
  • 3.3RPG at home.
  • 3.9RPG vs LHP.





Texas’s bullpen is:

  • 4.40ERA all games.
  • 5.06ERA on the road.


Seattle’s bullpen is:

  • 2.57ERA all games.
  • 2.64ERA at home.

The whole point of this game is that Texas can’t afford to sit back on their advantage vs LHP Ramirez. If they don’t jump on the advantage out the gate, if they sit back and wait, the Mariners’ bullpen could easily stymie Texas hitting and win this game in the last 3 innings.
Texas needs to jump on that early lead and the pitching/hitting stats prove that it’s exactly what they ought do.



ATS Matchups: Very small edge TEXAS.
ATS Raymond Reports: Very small edge TEXAS.
ATS SOS (L7G): Very small edge TEXAS.
ATS Forecast: Very small edge TEXAS.

While all of these are basically equal, perhaps when they’re all put together they equal an advantage with Texas?


Did you know:

Saunders, across his 20IP, has pitched a flawless 0.00ERA vs Left Handed hitters!
Seattle’s strongest hitters (.OPS) L7G are:

To think that’s Saunders’ prowess vs. LH hitters could wipe-out 80% of the Seattle’s lineup is an awesome proposition. Considering there is even a chance of this happening, and to think that Texas is paying +103, the analysis shows nothing but pure value. Texas for a full unit.



Tonight’s Prediction: TEXAS to win 5-1.













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