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NFL Preseason – Preview for August 9th, 2014

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LIONS +1 (optional)

TITANS -2 (1 unit)

CARDINALS -1.5 (optional)



Yesterday we saw the late action connect with a 3-1 ATS record.


Unfortunately we picked the one that lost.


So today, we’ve isolated all of the game day action and we found that there are 3 games that definitely qualify for this situation.

To double up the consideration, ALL 3 of these teams are HOME TEAMS.
This has been a trend. Be it preseason home openers or Week 1 home openers, when it comes to NFL football, the home team has a massive advantage in these instances.


  • NFL Home Teams are 10-2 so far this pre-season.


Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers 
O/U :3818.65
Vs.Date: 2014-08-09
Time: 19:00:00Generated from 25 Previous Games
Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans
24.94 = 43.59

We especially like the Titans.

According to the Forecast, Vegas is way behind in their evaluation.

Think about it.

Who doesn’t know the name of the “Green Bay Packers”?

It’s a name brand. It makes perfect sense that people are betting them heavily based on their fame and prior fortune.

Yet…Vegas has GIVEN them points?!

This smells an awful lot like TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.


So Titans should get special consideration for tonight as being most likely to cover their spread, and then some.



It’s really tough to start to get into capping players when it comes to preseason NFL because everything changes at half-time. Coaches are scrambling to assess who they’ll play as starters so they’ll send in 3rd string QBs and make all kinds of changes. We saw this last night with Philly. 28 points and a strong lead in the 1st half. 0 points in the 2nd.


So at the end of the day, it’s tough to evaluate or justify a full unit bet on a pre-season game, but we feel that with all of the indicators regarding market activity, name-brand betting, and the ATS Forecast, the Titans should give us our best return in this position of all the games on tonight’s board.












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