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Colorado Avalanche vs. Boston Bruins – Preview for October 13th, 2014


Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche 
O/U :5



Date: 2014-10-13
Time: 12:05:00

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Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins
SIDE :-165

3.03 = 5.19


Pick: Boston Bruins SU -165


This game is a positional melee. We have Boston coming off of 2 losses and they are therefore extremely motivated to put a stop to this Colorado squad. So far this season Boston has given their fans a measly 2 goals to cheer for, and 5 goals to mourn, when playing in their own barn. This is a point of weakness that pales in comparison to allowing themselves to be blanked in a 4-0 rout at the hands of the Washington Capitals on Saturday.

So from Boston’s point of view, we should expect to see a highly motivated offense that has no kind of confidence in their defense or their own netminding and likewise, Boston’s defense and netminding will be making the same point.

Since Rask is not confirmed to start, if Boston starts G Niklas Svedberg, then this is a complete wildcard. Svedberg had stopped 33 or 35 shots vs the Predators in January, but has shown poor numbers in the AHL leading up to his NHL uprising. At any rate, according to January’s debut, he appears to stand up to the “first game” pressures of stepping in as a backup; but regardless, we don’t see Boston’s front line leaving this game in the hands of their netminding to win.

Boston’s elephant in the room is definitely the 2-7 SU WL record that stares them in the face when facing this Avalanche team at home. It’s to be noted that much of that will have been accrued with Thomas in net. Thomas has a career record of .903SV% across 5 games vs the Avs, while Rask marks far better with a .931SV% across 3 games when facing Colorado.

As for the Colorado squad, they are not unmotivated by any means. Colorado has yet to score even 1 goal this season. They were 0-5 vs the Wild on the 9th and then 0-3 vs the Wild on the 11th. So the question is, “is Colorado scoring inept or are the Wild just that good?”

In the preseaons, The only team marking worse than the Avs’ 1-5-2 record was Florida who finished with a 0-4-2 record.

Across 8 games, with Colorado tallying a pitiful 11 goals in the preseason, it makes them hands down the worst offense in the league.

On a defensive note, only Philadelphia allowed more goals in an 8 game span. This wouldn’t be a ‘be all end all’ consideration; however, considering that they are averaging 4.0 goals in their last 2 regular season games, this changes the picture dramatically because it’s showing that preseason adjustments weren’t at the root of their scoring and netminding issues. Colorado must have a long way to go here before they can tussle with, and stand a chance against, this Bruins hockey team who is likewise coming off 2 consecutive losses.

Yes, the Avalanche are 0-2 and a hungry for their first win, but we need to walk before we can run. This 0GF and 8GA goal tally is not the mark of a Avalanche team that is even so much as crawling yet…it’s more the hallmark of a Avalanche team that has yet to be born in this 2014-2015 NHL hockey season.

  • When BOSTON team played as a home team – Last 3 years – Coming off a Home loss as a Favorite: Bruins are 18-3-0 SU in this position.
  • When BOSTON team Played as Home team as a Favorite – Last 3 years – Total is 5.0 – Coming off a 2 game losing streak: Bruins are 9-1-0 in this position.
  • When BOSTON played as any home/road team – During Last 4 Years – Lost Last Game by 4 Goals or Less – With SU Record of 1 Win 4 Lost in L5G: Bruins are 13-2-0 in this position.
  • When BOSTON Played as home team as a Favorite – During Last 4 Years – Lost Last Game by 4 Goals or Less – With SU Record of 1 Win 4 Lost in L5G: Bruins are 10-1-0 in this position.


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