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San Jose Sharks vs. New York Islanders – Preview for October 16th, 2014


San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks 
SIDE :-120



Date: 2014-10-16
Time: 18:05:00

Generated from 107 Previous Games

New York Islanders
New York Islanders
O/U :5.5

2.77 = 5.93


Pick: San Jose Sharks -120


Today the San Jose sharks face-off vs the New York Islanders. At first glance these teams seem evenly matched and priced about right, but upon a closer glance, we see a stunning similarity between this game and Colorado’s 2-1 win against the Boston Bruins on Monday.

What we see is an extraordinary WL record between these two teams:

  • Colorado is 8-2-1 when playing in Boston, as they edged the Bruins in a substantial upset.
  • San Jose Sharks are 7-1-2 when playing in New York vs the Islanders.

Yes, Colorado was paying better odds, but the historical comparison is outstanding and deserves some weight.

Sometimes when teams with contrasting systems clash, we can find these outstanding variances despite their respective WL records or place in the standings. Case in point is the Canadiens ousting the #1 seeded Boston Bruins in last year’s playoffs. The Habs were able to use their speed and agility to out-skate, out-maneuver, and out-think the much bigger and harder-hitting Boston Bruins. The Bruins didn’t stand a chance so long as Montreal stuck to their own game plan. On the other hand, if Boston would have been pitted up against a team like Chicago, they likely would have shut the Hawks down. Both teams play the physical game, but Boston does it slightly better. So it’s not surprising to find teams with 7-1, 8-2 WL in the historical records. When strategical systems clash, this can be the outcome and such appears to be the case here today with the Sharks.

In terms of injuries, the Islanders are short D Lubomir Visnovsky, and D Matt Carkner, which despite collecting 3 wins, could account for the reason that all three of their games have gone over the total. Their offense is clearly firing on all cylinders, but their defense is definitely vulnerable.

Likewise, the Sharks are not without their own ailments. LW Raffi Torres, who was +5 in his last 10 showings, has yet to touch the ice, and C Tyler Kennedy, who was +4 in his last 6 games also has yet to touch the ice. After blanking the LA Kings and the Winnipeg Jets, the Sharks fought to a hard 6-5 win vs the Capitals which went to a shootout. Their scoring is top notch, but unlike the Islanders, their defense seems relatively rock solid.

In net for the Sharks tonight is netminder Alex Stalock. The name doesn’t have championship prestige associated with it, but don’t let that fool you. Stalock finished the 2013-2014 season with a .932 SV% across 1252 minutes of ice time. To put Stalock in perspective, last year’s primary goalie of the championship LA Kings, Johnathan Quick, marked a SV% of .916 across 2904 minutes of ice time.

So it’s absolutely no surprise that Stalock sytmied Winnipeg’s scoring on the 11th, and there is no reason to think we won’t find some kind of a comparable performance here tonight as well.

Jaroslav Halak brings a league-elite pedigree to Blues and had a whopper of a ’13-’14 season when he marked .930 across 2238 minutes…however…unlike Stalock, Halak did not blank in his last outing, to the contrary, Halak gave up 3 goals in only 24 shots, marking a .875 SV%.

The ATS Database also speaks to the Sharks chances tonight:

  • When the Sharks played as chalk vs the Islanders:
    Sharks are 11-6-1 SU in this position.
  • When the Sharks played as home/road team, during the last 5 years, won last game by 1 goal, with a SU record of 3 wins 0 lost in their last 3 games:
    Sharks are 27-18-0 SU in this position.
  • When the Islanders played as home team vs the Sharks:
    Islanders are 1-7-2 SU in this position.
  • When the Islanders played as home underdog, with a total between 5.5 and 6.0:
    Islanders are 6-19-0 SU in this position.
  • When the Islanders played as home/road team, during the last 4 years, with a SU record of 3 wins 0 lost in their last 3 games:
    Islanders are 2-11-0 SU in this position.

So to recap:

  • Sharks with a 7-1-2 historical precedent when playing @ Islanders.
  • Islanders with a porous defense that will take time to mature.
  • Netminder Alex Stalock is an ace up the sleeve of San Jose.
  • ATS Database is crystal clear…”Sharks stand far better in this position.”

At near equal odds, the Sharks are the way to go on this one, and they’re definitely worth a try!

Always gamble responsibly, and most of all, GOOD LUCK!!



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