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Handicapping and Sports Gambling 103

Handicapping and Sports Gambling 103:

How To Pick A Good Sportsbook


1. Dependability. A book is worth nothing if they don’t give you your winnings when you ask for them. Nothing else matters as much as trust and reputation.


2. Best Odds. Since we’re specifically a Professional Sports Handicapping service, the next most important thing we have to look at is the juice that different books offer.

If you’re here for the long haul, then take the time to find the reputable books that offer the very best odds in the business. Find the reputable books that offer -105 / -105 at PK, instead of the ‘dime-a-dozen’ commercial books that have their hand in your pocket at -110 / -110.

Over the years we’ve placed thousands of wagers…so for someone to come along and add 4-5% to our total winnings would be a very big deal…and that’s exactly what finding the books with the best odds will do for you. Best Odds > Bonuses.


3. Fees. Depositing and withdrawing funds can be free or it can cost money depending where you look. Some books offer free, some books offer fees.

If all you’re after is a place to bet on the big game, then this isn’t a huge deal.

If you want to do this on a daily basis, then definitely finding a “fee-free” book is important to your bottom line.


4. Variety. Some books offer more variety than others (buying/selling points, prop bets, reverse bets, round-robins, etc.) This is very much a personal preference, but if all you’re looking to do is bet spreads, winners, or totals, then every book will have that available.

As a point of professional advice:

-Sportsbooks earn about 2-4% profit from NHL/MLB Moneyline wagers and NFL/NBA Spreads.

-Sportsbooks take at least 10-20% profit from parlays and other kinds of specialty betting.

We know they’re a lot of fun, but this is why we tell you: *Stay away from parlays!*


5. Simplicity of Deposit. Mostly standardized. Some books offer 14 methods of deposit, some offer 4. Some methods are free, and other methods require transaction fees. Get in where you fit in.


6. Simplicity of Withdrawal. This greatly varies from book to book. From books having a great reputation for always paying out within the day, to books outright cheating their customers, there are thousands of books to choose from.

With minimal research, you’ll find review sites that have hundreds of sportsbooks BLACKLISTED as having been reported for defrauding their customers and articles on each individual case.

That said, there are definitely some extremely trustworthy and legitimate books out there that we’ll highly recommend from our own personal experience, but just be aware that if you want to game with a sportsbook that we don’t have recommended, make sure that you do your research!


7.  Site design. Most sites are fairly comparable. Some look a little better than others. Some are slightly easier to navigate and a little bit better organized, but in our experience, the site design has very little to do with a book’s reputation, the odds they offer, and if they payout when requested.

Ultimately, we just want to know where to find the wager box for the game we want to bet!


Here is a list of all the best of the best sportsbooks that we’ve found:

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