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Des Boodram



It’s finally here, not that I’m happy about that, as the excitement of the season commonly lures me into mindless daydreaming of the weekly drama that is at hand.  From Thursday night to Monday night with every new week came a new  story line to follow like a classic soap opera, and now the regular season finale is upon us.  There’s still money to be made and championships to be won in some re-draft leagues, so there’s no reason not to take a shot at some rankings.  The crazy part is, that of the 16 games, a whopping 9 of them feature one or more teams with something to lose or gain in the playoff landscape.  The feature game is Detroit vs Green Bay for all the marbles so we know players will be fully deployable in that game, but there are several others where only one team has something to play for while the other one can effectively mail it in.  Denver hosting Oakland, and Kansas City vs San Diego are two prime examples.  What the hell do you do with the player in those games, where anything can go, and we’re being told that starters will play reduced snaps if at all, and some positions will be placed in a legit timeshare… ewww.  The only thing I can offer is my craziest top 5 at each position, so enough talking, and thank you for another magnificent fantasy football season.




#1. Drew Brees- This is one of the highest over under games of the season at 56 points, and Brees is stocked full of targets, a good running game, and legit shot at his 5th career 5000 yards passing season. #checksALLboxes


#2. Matt Ryan – This is one of the highest over under games of the season at 56 points and Ryan is stocked full of targets, a good running game, and a healthy Julio Jones, while having a legit shot a securing the #2 seed in the NFC. #checksALLboxes


#3. Russell Wilson – he posted a number last time out and the Seahawks need all hands on deck to secure a win.  No running helps, only because Wilson will be forced to move a lot.


#4 Aaron Rodgers – the California Kid made some major moves into the MVP discussion in recent weeks and another big week against a suspicious Detroit secondary is a good thing.


#5 Tom Brady – TB12 is a legit MVP candidate, and big game here will lock it up.  The Pats are heavy favorites in this one, and Miami is banged up.


Quint Extra – Blake Bortles

He actually posted a number in a Jags win, which rarely happens and I expect similar output again against the Colts.  Bortles is playing for his football life in this one, and will yield good production on the ground as well



#1. David Johnson – he’s still the chalk this week against a Rams team that locked him down last time they played.  #redemption


#2.  DeMarco Murray – don’t think he’ll get a boatload of  volume with Matt Cassell at QB???  Plus he was Texan killer earlier this season


#3.  LeSean McCoy – a monster game by McCoy in this one may seal the fate of Jets HC  Todd Bowles.  McCoy has been great this season, and gets a tasty matchup on Sunday.


#4.  Mark Ingram – he’ll get everything inside the 10 yard, which the should be good volume considering how many times the Saints will get in the red zone in this game


#5. Darren Sproles – expect him to be a pass catching beast in this one, against a Dallas team that has nothing to play for.  The price is too good to pass up.


QUINT EXTRA – Bilal Powel


He’d be in the top five if he wasn’t injured.  No one knows what’s up so monitor the status of highest volume RB in the last four weeks not named Le’Veon Bell.




#1. Mike Evans – he’s a target bully and now with Cameron Brate out, he’ll get the red zone targets too… the Bucs are still barely in this thing


#2. Davante Adams – Jordy Nelson has been hot, which means the roulette ball is likely to fall on a different color this week.  Truth is there’s plenty to go around for both this week.  Bet on Adams


#3. Michael Thomas – very WRs have more fantasy points than Thomas since week 5.  He’ll have plenty of room in the slot to do his thing


#4. Julio Jones – there’s still some rust, but now is not the time for rust… the Falcons need to win this one, and Jones knows this.


#5. Doug Baldwin – look out, because he could go off this week, it would be no surprise against the 49ers deplorable secondary combine with the Seahawks desperation.


QUINT EXTRA – Tyreke Hill


That was hard to write, but San Diego has no answer for Hill and has a terrible run defense meaning Hill on the ground is interesting too.



#1. Travis Kelce – he’s the chalk this week in a meaningful… plus he’s been unstoppable of late.


#2 – Delanie Walker – Tennessee’s offense is good enough to move the ball, so it will be a bunch of Cassell to Walker dump offs this week


#3 – Zach Ertz – I love the volume potential in a meaningless game for the Cowboys


#4 – Kyle Rudolph – great matchup against the Bears and the 2nd option in that offense


#5 – Eric Ebron – I like his odds in a meaningful game in Prime Time – he’s had a 3 week stretch of great love from Matt Stafford.


QUINT EXTRA – Greg Olsen


Whaatup with Old Greg – you didn’t forget about him did you?  He’s still a force to be reckoned with the Panthers will be looking to spoil the Bucs outside playoff hopes, and what better way than making Olsen the cornerstone of the offensive attack.