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It is no lie that the season has been dominated by the good work of the starting pitchers. In fact, the performance of the pitchers has been excellent during this season, the players expected to perform well have demonstrated in the mound throwing fastballs and tight curves.

Although less than 70 days have passed since the start of the season, that does not mean pitchers are going to do a bad job.

The rankings of pitchers is updated daily, the good work of the players is reflected in the numbers they have but a common problem of many pitchers is the poor defense they have on from  their teammates that let opposite teams win games.

Among the first 5 spots in the ranking of the best pitchers of the season are 4 players from the American League, as always one of the leagues with the best pitchers.

Chris Sale: Sale’s stats for the season with his new team, Boston Red Sox, have been very good. His performance as a pitcher has been accompanied by a defense strategy and sabermetric applied to the Boston team to defend themselves during the games. In the last few days, Chris Sale has been ranked number one of the top 5 current pitchers. Chris Sale’s winning percentage is 75%, with a 2.77 ERA, 6 wins and 2 losses as a starter, 78 innings so far with a 0.94 whip. In the Fantasy rankings he is in the 6th position.

Max Scherzer: The Washington Nationals have to be very grateful to Max, he’s a very good pitcher, he’s been outstanding since 2015 and he’s very accomplished. Starting the season, despite having suffered an injury, he had a good start against the Phillies getting his first immaculate inning . Currently Max Scherzer is pitching for a 66% win percentage, 2.56 ERA, 6 wins and 3 losses, 77.1 innings, 10 allowed home runs, 0.892 WHIP. The team does very well with Max Scherzer, they have won 33 games and only lost 19 with a 63% percentage.

Clayton Kershaw: Among the most powerful pitchers this Clayton Kershaw number 3 of the current ranking, but number 1 in the ranking of baseball fantasy. Clayton has had almost a perfect performance even though the NL WEST has very dangerous team for the entire National League. The Dodgers are 33 wins and 22 losses in the current season, of those 33 wins 7 have been with Clayton’s starting on the mound, while only 2 were defeats. Clayton has a 2.37 ERA, 76 innings, 77% win, 20 allowed runs, 10 Home Runs and Hits allowed, and only 0.947 WHIP.

Dallas Keuchel: Houston Astros has a pitcher gem with an impeccable record at the beginning of this season, it’s all been a dream come true for Dallas Keuchel. The 38 games won by Houston this season are a clear example of the quality of players the team has this season, especially in pitchers, they have improved a lot. Dallas has a record of 8 wins, 0 losses, 1.81 ERA, 69.2 innings, 14 allowed runs, 45 home runs and hits allowed. Solid numbers for a pitcher with a lot of future, although not in fantasy ranking.

Ervin Santana: The Twinkies have won 54% of the games in the season, with 27 wins and 23 defeats they are in the first place of the CENTRAL AL. Minnesota Twins are doing well as visitors, with 15 wins and only 5 losses, all due to the clean work of Ervin Santana as a starter in most games on the road. Numbers of santana 77 innings, 11 games, 7 wins and 2 losses, 1.75 ERA, 77% Win, 16 allowed runs, 0.844 WHIP.

Rankings changes constantly, everything depends on the type of pitcher. Some pitchers remain in the top 5-10 positions of the ranking table throughout the season, while others lose the course midway through the season and leave the ranking.

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