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The MLB regular season has given much to talk about, so far it have covered many of the expectations by the bettors who bet at Bookmaker Sportsbook. The teams are winning and completing the spreads, few losses and many winning bets. It is expected that everything will continue in the same way for the rest of the weeks of June, hoping that the teams that have gone bad during the start of the season, can recover and win some games.

Among the most important trends are the teams that have maintained solid records, winning streaks and lost few games. As in all seasons what matters is to reach the postseason winning the most games. Trends are good tools for bettors, but they are not “very helpful” to teams, as players are not aware of breaking records of stolen bases, or home runs, they just care to win the game.

The top trends of the season so far have been: (current 2017)

Chicago Cubs: So far the Cubs have an incredible Overs / unders record, they have won most games at home scoring many runs and allowing visiting teams also to score enough to complete the Overs. During the current season, the Chicago Cubs have won 12 home games and 7 losses, averaging 4.5 runs per game. All those wins and defeats at home have left a total of 15 Overs, 3 Unders and 1 Push, equivalent to 83.3% of Overs. Bettors who have bet Overs with the Cubs at home have earned $ 1170 in winnings with a ROI of 56.7% for $ 100 per unit.

Washington Nationals: The Nats are 8 Wins and 2 losses from May 21 to the end of the month during the current MLB season. It is a trend that has left $ 520 of earnings to the bettors with a ROI of 31.2%. These are not surprising numbers, but for such a short period of time, 9 days, is more than enough. The winning percentage of the Nats is 80% (since May 21), while in the Runline they are 7 wins and 3 losses, 70% chance of completing the ATS.

Atlanta Braves: The season has been somewhat slow for the Braves, but the bettors have taken advantage of the team’s losses. In the Overs / Unders the team has been impeccable, despite the fact that they have lost games (bettors do not care about this), they have a record of 31 Overs, 19 unders and 1 push. All that record has left 18.3% ROI with $ 1032 in winnings for bettors who used the OVER betting option. Atlanta has an average of 4.39 runs per game, while allowing on average 5.22 runs to the opposing teams.

The trends are going to change during the month of June, the most recommended thing to do is to take advantage of the teams that are starting with a trend or a good streak.

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