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St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs Preview: Sunday, June 4th, 2017

The final game of Sunday night will be between St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. This game will surely be very long and most likely finish at midnight. It will be the last game of the series between both teams, but they will do their best to stay with a good result, it has not been easy at the start of the season for either team


During the last 15 days of May, St. Louis Cardinals had a bad streak, they lost almost all games, both as visitors and home. The losses have been the responsibility of the bad defense and a bad job in the mound by the pitchers. Among the series that the team lost during the second half of May are: Red Sox (2-0), Giants (2-1), Dodgers (2-1), Rockies (2-1), Dodgers (2-2) .


St. Louis Cardinals is scoring an average of 4.61 runs per game, 3.26 walks, 8.04 strikeouts, 8.91 hits, 1.09 homeruns, 14.83 left on base and have only won 12 of the last 23 games on the road. For bettors, the money with the St. Louis Cardinals has been on the runlines in the early weeks of April. On the road, the Cardinals completed 15 of 23 runlines, 65.2% of win, the total win was $ 590 for every $ 100 bet on the runlines.

Michael Wacha will be the starter for St. Louis Cardinals. Wacha’s record is 2 wins and 3 losses. So far Wacha’s season has not been the best, averaging a 40% win, 3.99 ERA, 49.2 innings, 49 hits allowed, 24 runs allowed and 1,329 WHIP. The best year for Michael Wacha with St. Louis Cardinals was in 2015, with 17 wins and 7 losses.


Chicago Cubs have had a relaxed week, they have won 5 games and only lost one. The series of 4 games against the San Francisco Giants ended 3-1, they only lost the first game of the series. Earlier this past week they had a tied series against the Brewers and swept the Cincinnati Reds 3-0. All those results have been at home, while Chicago Cubs overall has won 26 and lost 27 games to stay with 49.1% win percentage.


The Cubs starting pitcher will be Kyle Hendricks with 4 wins and 3 losses, 57% of win, 57.2 innings, 3.75 ERA, 25 runs allowed, 49 hits allowed and 1,162 WHIP. This pitcher finished last season with 16 wins and 8 losses, being one of his best seasons with Chicago Cubs. He is expected to be below 6 innings tonight to avoid fatigue, although the Cubs relays have not been in very good physical condition.


The home team could use a victory, it would not hurt to beat the Cardinals, but the visiting team has a very dangerous offensive, the best hitters are about .250 on average. The secret of this game will be in the total run that both teams can score, probably the best bet.