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ROSTER THEM – Breaking Down Low Ownership

Des Boodram



In the world of fantasy sports leagues the free agent (FA) pool is used in various ways depending on the sport, and the settings of your respective league.  If you have struggled year in and year out to seal the deal on your league, there’s a good chance you are not effectively using the wire properly… but that’s ok.  These pieces are supposed to contain information not be indicting, but it’s important to understand that quite often the difference between winning and not winning your league is often an accumulation of near misses throughout the course of the season, especially in baseball.

There are three ways to build your team throughout the season.  A solid draft, 1-2 strategic trades to address the needs of your roster, and consistent activity on the waiver wire.  I know you think the guys riding your bench are providing depth for you, but there’s players out there right now that are not only out producing your bench players, but their also out producing your starters as well.  We all have reasons for neglecting to part ways with our original roster, but remember as we look at these players, that this neglect is likely the reason you’re looking up in the standings.



Of the top 25  1Bs in fantasy, only Mitch Moreland has a lower ownership, but  prepare to have your mind blown with Morrison.  He is currently the 10th rated 1B in fantasy and is owned in less than 40% of leagues, which is just bananas.  He’s lower owned than players like Yonder Alonso, Brandon Belt and Matt Carpenter all of whom he has more runs, HRs, and RBIs than.  Wait, it gets worse – If you are struggling for RBIs he has 13 more than Chris Davis who isn’t much of an RBI guy, but Morrison edges Davis in HRs and crushes him OBP and AVG.  If it’s runs you need… Morrison is out pacing Justin Bour, Matt Holliday and Buster Posey, even though Posey is likely your catcher.  Will Myers is being outpaced by Morrison as well, but it’s hard to give up those SBs, and I think Myers passes him by August.  It case your skimmer of informative pieces, this is a top 10 first basemen who likely has a place on your roster…. He even has Super Hero movie named after him that is pretty good, so if it’s super hero results that you need, get him in there.



Here are some embarrassingly low owned OFs, their ownership percentage, stats you can tackle, and other players that should be benched over the low owned player.

Steven Souza Jr. 39% – if you’re struggling with AVG. or OBP – bench Jay Bruce and get Souza Jr. in there.

Cameron Maybin 18% – he’s got 17 SBs already, and is on base to shatter his career high so if you’re playing guys like Jose Ramierez and Brandon Belt, while also hurting for steals  you’re leaving points on the table.  Maybin also has a .477 OBP in the last 30 days as well.

Tommy Pham 8% – if you are in the bottom half of your standings, it’s time to make a mover.  Pham only has a 100 ABs under his belt this season, but he’s on pace for a 25/25 stat line with a 100 runs and high OBP.  He lights up the box score and should be on your watch list.


ERICK SOGARD – SS, Milwaukee Brewers 8% Owned

Even after an 0-6 gamer he’s still killing his ratio stats.  If you don’t have a top 10 short stop on your Sogard is worth a flyer.  He’s getting on base and the runs are piling up.  He’ll flash power and speed on occasion as well, and has a handful of mashers batting behind him.  As long as Villar is injured, this move makes sense.