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2017 NBA Draft Tidbits

The 2017 NBA Draft is almost here, many expectations for the players picks this season. Bettors and fans have been very nervous with the first three picks, since one of those players can change the story of a team and turn them into “champions”. So far nothing is confirmed, some players have done training behind closed doors but still no concrete information is available whether they will be selected or not.

The panorama is still cloudy for some players. The teams continue to analyze the NBA DRAFT 2017 selections, because it is not yet known what will be the final selection of Boston Celtics, the team that will have the first draft pick.


The stars of the draft.

Among the most prominent prospects are Markelle Fultz (PG), Jayson Tatum (F), Josh Jackson (G), Jonathan Isaac (F), De’Aaron Fox (PG), Dennis Smith , among others. All these prospects will be the most fought by the teams, each of them is a guarantee of a possible championship, although not all will be superstars, some of them will be a bust pick, thats for sure. The Scouts have worked very hard during 2016 and months of 2017 to monitor the performance of the prospects.

There has been a lot of talk about what these young players can become, but one thing is certain, their real talent will show when they face professional NBA players.


Boston, Lakers and Sixers

In the mock drafts shown on various sports websites, top picks in the prospect ranking indicate that Boston Celtics will pick Markelle Fultz in the No. 1 pick. Speculation indicates that Fultz will be the player selected by the Celtics, as the team needs another superstar to accompany Isaiah Thomas on court.

Lonzo Ball is likely to become a LA Lakers player. The player that Lakers needs must be a leader, someone who has champion blood, but that has not been seen in Lonzo. Magic needs someone ready to become a new franchise player, he will be having some extra help from an executive who was responsible for putting together that dream couple Bryant-O’Neal.

Sixers already has the decision made according to the predictions of the mock drafts. Josh Jackson is sure to be the third pick in the draft and will play with the 76s Sixers the following season. He is a natural player for the SF position, but he will have to adapt to a team that has had problems reaching the playoffs in the last years


Lonzo Ball

The controversial player continues to hoard news, but it is due to the mouth of his father who never stops talking. Lonzo’s father, LaVar Ball, has said once and again that his son is the holy grail the NBA needs, specifically the LA Lakers. All that publicity about Lonzo Ball has made people wonder what the actual performance of this player will be and if he’s really worth a second draft pick. LaVar has not yet seen his son play in the NBA but ensures he will be the best of them all. Time will tell.