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Houston vs. Seattle Preview & Prediction

Houston Astros are making an incredible season. So far they’re the team with the most wins in the season, 50 wins and only 25 losses. It’s crazy what the Astros are doing, they’ve passed the Chicago Cubs record last season by getting 40-17 on similar dates.

Apparently everything goes very well to the Astros this season, it has been so perfect that it looks scary. The team bullpen looks like a magic house, everyone inside is a magician with super powers no one imagined. Dallas Keuchel: 9 wins and 0 losses, 1.67 ERA, 75.5 innings, 14 earned runs, 6 hits and 0.872 WHIP. Those numbers are just a glimpse of the excellent work the Houston Astros bullpen is doing, the magic balls literally.


Featured Pitchers

Aside from Dallas Keuchel, who is already a luxury to have in the team, the Astros have another high-quality pitchers who have shown a desire to reach the playoffs and get the league title.

Lance McCullers: 6 wins and 1 loss, is second in the top of the Houston Astros’ best pitchers. Lance wears the Astros uniform since 2015, his first season was 6-7 and the second was almost similar with 6-5. So far this has been the best season for Lance McCullers with the Astros. He is very inspired and has shown it with an 85% chance of winning a game.

Charlie Morton: Although Charlie is injured and is recovering for 10 days, he is still one of the Astros’ top players in the 2017 regular season. Charlie is new to the team but has excelled with 5 wins and 3 losses, 62 % Win, 4.06 ERA, 57.2 innings and 1.37 WHIP.


The best hitters

Jose Altuve: The Venezuelan is the best hitter of the Houston Astros, he is a player who can hit anything, no matter what type of ball they throw at him. He has an average of .326, 73 hits, 39 runs and 22 walks.

Carlos Correa: At 22, Carlos has become an Astros star, .314 in the current season, 39 runs and 73 hits. Numerals very similar to those of Altuve. Carlos Correa has a great future in the team.

Marwin Gonzalez: Ambidextrous and with a very high percentage of reaching the bases. Marwin stands out for .314 batting average, 40 hits and 12 homeruns, is second in the list of home runs in the Houston Astros, just behind George Springer with 16.


The game for today 

Continue a series of Seattle Mariners home games. After winning the series against Oakland Athletics on the road, the Astros need to win this series to continue accumulating wins and strengthen the team performance. Houston Astros has already battled the Mariners this season, twice winning the series against Seattle, one at home and one on the road. In total there have been 6 games, of which the Astros won 4 and lost one at home.

Houston Astros has a very advantageous streak, they do not want to miss this series and they know how important it is to win to maintain the lead. The Astros starting pitcher will be Lance McCullers: veteran, has been playing with the Astros since 2015, 6 wins and 1 loss so far this season, 2.58 ERA, 76.2 Innings, 1,057 WHIP. It has been a slow but sure comeback for McCullers, he is a pitcher with much more to prove, and this season will surely be the best.


PICK: Houston Astros PK-160