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The New York Mets are ready to win the last game of the series against the San Francisco Giants. The first two games of the series were easy, the results have raised the morale of the team after coming from a losing streak.

The first game in the series ended 11-4, at the Giants’ home, a big show for the fans. The first inning of the game was 1-1, the first run was thanks to a single by Gorky Hernandez for Curtis Granderson to score the first run for Mets. In the bottom of the first inning, a Brandon Belt double became a run with Denard Span.

In the second inning, the Mets scored 6 runs: Lucas Duda, Seth Lugo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Yoenis Cespedes (HR), Wilmer Flores, Michael Comfort . It was a massacre in the second inning, the Giants could not score more runs until the 6th inning where they scored 3 runs to stay with 4 runs throughout the game. Mets scored 3 in the 6th and one last run in the seventh inning to finish the game 11-4.

The season has been a bit slow for the New York Mets, it has been very difficult to win at home, 17 wins and 23 losses. In addition to losing at home, the Mets have also failed to stand out on the road, 15 wins and 18 losses, they still have not found the right formula to win games in a row. The season did begun well, with 6 wins and 4 losses in the first 10 games, but shortly after a 10 losing games streak came and only 1 win. All of it was 4 series against Marlins, Phillies, Nationals and Braves.

Currently the Mets are looking for a way to win more games, and if they manage to win the 3 games against the Giants, they will be a few steps away to recover. NY Mets is scoring an average of 4.84 runs per game, 7.77 strikeouts, 3.47 walks, 8.62 hits, 1.49 home runs, 14.05 left of base. The Mets’ bullpen is comprised of: Jacob deGrom 6-3 and Robert Gsellman 5-5 are the only healthy ones, while Harvey, Wheeler and Syndergaard are injured.

Most of the Mets starting pitchers are injured, the team has been playing with rookies in the last 10 days. The last game against the Giants will be opened by Rafael Montero, a 26-year-old rookie, 0-4, 6.49 ERA, 26.1 Innings, 36 Hits, 20 runs, 28 strikeouts, 2,089 WHIP. Not surprisingly, in the second game, Seth Lugo (rookie) won the giants 5-2.

The breakpoint will be in the Mets’ bullpen and the Giants know they can take advantage of that situation. The problem with the Giants is that they will have a pitcher who has had a bad season start, this is Matt Moore, 3 wins 7 losses, an absolute disaster. Matt Moore could become a rundown rink tonight if he does not control his game.


Pick: OVER 9.0 -115