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FANTASY BASEBALL – Mid-Term Emotional Ups & Downs

Des Boodram


Finally, midterms we can all get behind, and there’s no fantasy sport that’s more fun to analyze the numbers of than major league baseball.  This week, let’s take a look at a few offensive players that have exceeded expectations while also taking a closer look at some players that have been botch-jobs thus far.  Let’s not stop there though, let’s try to predict if whether or not these trends will continue.


A rookie hasn’t dominated the half a season like this in the history of Major League Baseball, and the best part is that his last name is “Judge” which give writers like my so many opportunities to make a play on words, especially considering that his last name is an adjective that carries so much power.    I couldn’t think of a  snappy headline that was 100% certain to not have been used, so I’m going to play the game straight up and just analyze his numbers… please don’t judge me.


Here’s what you need to know.

  • Batting Avg.  – 4th
  • Home Runs – 1st
  • RBIs  – 3rd
  • Runs – 1st
  • OBP – 1st
  • Slugging – 1st
  • OPS – 1st


The current MVP is leading the majors in almost every offensive category, and is easily the most valuable fantasy asset. Judging by his first half, the Yankees, and your fantasy team should be in good hands.  It’s too easy predict regression, but it would be in poor judgment to assume he can keep this up.  If you address needs in a good 2 or 3 for 1 trade opportunity you should do it.   These numbers are simply amazing and should they hold, it would be one of the greatest seasons ever by any player



After failing to meet expectations for most of his career, the 11th ranked offensive player in the majors has hit us up with a 46/24/57/1 line which includes a ..366 OBP.  There are so many good 1Bs out there, it’s going to be hard to sell high on him.  You likely got him dirt-cheap on draft day or picked him up from the FA wire, so ride him while he’s hot and consider it a bonus if this continues.  Many of you picked up Morrison when Davis went on the shelf, so you’ll have a decision to make after the ASB.  My advice is remember who you drafted and why… then roll with that guy.  Your thankfulness is likely to turn to curses at some point.



Bellinger has pretty much the same line as Morrison but adds four more SBs but a much lower OBP… all in 30 fewer ABs.  Bellinger is a better player with more upside, and there’s no way I’m letting him go (though everyone has a price).  I like Bellinger’s line up better, and he offers that speed uptick as well.  I liked him before this season started, but didn’t have the stones to pull the trigger, so I’m doubling down and recommending a solid hold.





If Arenado would just do what you drafted him to do your team would be set…  he is a good bit behind last years pace in runs, HRs and RBIs, and has a lower OBP as well.  You will not get value for him on the market, so you’ve got hold, keep your fingers crossed and pray.  He still hits at Coors and hits in bunches as well, so anything can happen, but I sympathize with you as what was a first rounder is performing like a 5th rounder or worse.



It’s no all bad with Bryan as he’s still getting on base scoring, and the power is there.  The RBIs however are killing you dearly making Bryant a huge let down, hence his snub from the All Star game… psst, his numbers didn’t justify a selection.  On pace to knock in 64 runs scored 20 fewer runs and 7-8 fewer HRs, I’m still predicting a solid turnaround but a final line that simply isn’t first round worthy.  This is a carrot you should dangle, people love this guy.



Runs and HRs are way down, but RBIs are up… the problem is you didn’t draft him to hit RBIs..  Cano is a 2nd half player by trade, so you may be able to pry him for an owner who has multiple 2B options.  If you own him, hold him and expect great things.  A 40 HR repeat is a tough ask, you likely should’ve know better.  Good luck gamers.