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The NBA still moves during the month of July, everything has been coldly calculated by some teams, with the sole purpose of causing controversy and causing damages in the market of trades. The most important changes are almost ready, the players expected to leave some teams have done so and still others are expected to leave.

Paul George: Bye Indiana

Paul George did not want to play with the King James, and decided to sign with Oklahoma City Thunder to play alongside with Russell Westbrook. Possibly, this is the player who needs OKC to finish fixing the offensive problem they have and stop counting only with the physical sacrifice Westbrook does all the time. The new OKC player was received as a superstar in the city, the teams fans approached him and asked for autographs and cheered his name.

Other fanatics are annoying, and it’s about the Indiana Pacers fanatics, they say they feel betrayed by George, they want to get revenge and he will surely be booed on the court in the regular season.


MELO: What Now

Carmello Anthony is a storm right now in New York, nobody wants to think that he’s leaving the Knicks, but what’s rumored so far is that the Knicks star went to the room with Rockets; A team that has always wanted to get Carmello services. There are other teams still to seduce melo with some money offer, among them are: Cleveland Cavaliers (would be a perfect match for King James) and Spurs (another veteran).

So far not much has been known about Carmello’s negotiation with the Knicks’ board for a renewal of his contract, as the Rockets are pushing hard to get it and the deal has been slow but sources say Houston may be The new team of Melo.


Other teams:

Warriors: It is reported that Steve Kerr does not want JaVale Mcgee to leave the team, he hopes that it will be renewed to continue using him during the following season, JaVale has been a great help as a rebounder and making some important points.

Shabazz: Apparently this player is catching the attention of several teams, including the Hawks, Bucks and Knicks. Shabazz is currently a free agent, after being released by the Timberwolves, has an average of 9.9 PPG, 2.8 rebounds, 48.2% field shooting. He is a versatile player who can be of great help to medium-sized teams.

Rajon Rondo: For now, it is not confirmed, but negotiations are still ongoing. Rajon Rondo could accompany Lonzo Ball next season with Los Angeles Lakers, rumors could be focused on Rajon’s $ 18m deal.

Cavaliers: Cavs fans celebrate the arrival of the Spanish veteran Jose Calderon, and another additional player will be the 30 years old Jeff Green. Another player who is sure to be part of the Cavaliers this season will be Cedi Osman, who is playing in Turkey in Anadolu Efes Istanbul, he is a young player who was released by the Timberwolves a couple years ago.