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Des Boodram



We are well into the 2nd half of the season and there are a handful of players that are not only scuffling right now, but have been down right terrible for the better part of the season.  By terrible I simply mean they are not returning the value you drafted them to return.  Tragic yes, but a fantasy reality that every manager must identify and overcome.  Let’s take a look as some of these players and figure create some options for ourselves.


Aaron Judge – he was 1-21 after the break before a 2-4 game on July 18th.  Not what owners were expecting to start the 2nd half.  There’s no debating he’s got the goods, and he may go streaking at times during the rest of this season, but if you got him dirt cheap, I’d be selling him in a 3 for 1 as you make your championship run.


Mike Trout – I don’t think the thumb is the issue.  I think the lineup is the issue.  He has one HR and one SB since the break, and that still doesn’t project out how you need it to.  Cameron Maybin is out for 2-4 weeks and the Angels just don’t have another on base guy.  He’ll kill average and OBP, but counting stats will slide.  If your league doesn’t track OBP I’d be selling him in a two for one.


Chris Davis – if you are looking for a .216 average with a .315 obp, than Davis is your guy.  Davis who has fewer runs, HRs, RBIs, and SBs than Trout in 55 more ABs while playing in the ball park that gives up the most runs in baseball has been a complete bust.  You shouldn’t have got him before the 5th round, and hopefully you snagged Logan Morrison to make up the power.  You can’t sell him, and you should be able to find scraps that produce more.  I won’t blame you if you drop him, but if you have room on your bench you should stash him.


Manny Machado – he’s still on pace for 30 bombs, but will finish with less than 100 RBIs and runs.  That’s not good for a guy you took in the first round and possibly ahead of Bryce Harper.  He and Davis and Trumbo are the reasons Baltimore has been putrid this season.  You can’t do anything with Machado, so you are forced to roll with him… good luck!


Josh Donaldson – see my comments on Machado above, but Donaldson is much worse.  Yes he’s been injured, but his stats are Kardashian dirty and his performance has been the driver to the Jays underachievement this season.  You’ll get pennies on the dollar in a trade, but I like his tenacity, so I think a bounce back is more probable than even Machado. Hold… only because you have to.


Starling Marte – You’ve been sitting on him, and you’re going to wonder why, as he’s not going to find his rhythm this season.  You have to hold him now, and pray that I’m wrong.


Ryan Braun – he’s a perfect real life trade candidate so perhaps he’ll land in a good spot.  I’m holding in the hopes that happens.  If not, he’s in a good line up who have an outside shot at the playoffs.  Keep the faith with Braun, even though it will be painful to do so… he’s been banged up all year long too.


Next time up – let’s examine some pitchers that are giving you fantasy fits and why.