Des Boodram



For the next two weeks there are going to be a lot of moving parts with training camp, repetitions, snaps, pre-season snaps and injuries – all of which have fantasy relevance.  I never used to think this way, but now that the competition is so good in a respective fantasy league anything you can do to get an edge is strongly advised, and this includes but is not limited to what impact players are doing in on their teams before Week 1 even gets here.  Let’s take a look at the AFC NORTH and what you need to know.


Pittsburgh Steelers – here are the two things you need to know.  Le’Veon Bell is still a punk, and I believe this to be true about any player that holds out, especially because it is a detriment to his team.  These players have signed contracts and put their names on an agreement, and I wish they could be sued for not honoring their contractual agreement.  I say that to say this — Bell will be just fine this season and though his ADP is sliding, he’ll be ready for week 1 and impactful.  Martavis Bryant on the other hand is more of a concern.  Keep an eye on this, because a lot of you are targeting him.  If he doesn’t start the season in Week 1 – that won’t be good.


Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco being out would be a disaster for this entire team.  Buck Allen looks great, but I’m loving Danny Woodhead in PPRs.  He will likely get 7-10 targets per game, including several dump-offs and will be dirt-cheap on draft day.  Jeremy Maclin will also get a bunch of volume, only if Flacco is ready to go.  Otherwise I don’t trust anyone, and if you’re thinking a Colin Kaepernick signing was the way to go, just remember, regardless of his political stance, he’s a below average QB.


Cincinnati Bengals – I’m not sure how Bengals fans do it with Andy Dalton, so I have to give them some props.  Dalton who is not even a good flavor of vanilla take the reigns again on the Bengal offense, but I’m afraid the result this season is going to mirror past season.  There are several players I like this year, including both A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert.  Dalton is not good, as much as he is good enough, but he can find his receivers.  I can’t wait to see what Joe Mixon shows in the first preseason game, because he looks quick and slippery in practice.  He could be a sneaky late round pick even though I see several other rookie RBs out producing him this season.  More to come.


Cleveland Browns – It’s Brock or bust for the Browns, and I’m almost certain everyone knows this.  I’m not sure who he’s going to throw to, but Isaiah Crowell appears to be ripe for some handoffs.  Crowell has truly bought time, and should be a decent pick in the mid-rounds.  Also the Brown’s O-line is above average and I believe this makes all the difference in the world.  I don’t know what’s up with Josh Gordon either, but I know this, he has no clue either, so if you want to take a flyer on Gordon and stash go ahead, but pay attention if to his status.  Good Luck Gmers.