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Des Boodram



For the next two weeks there are going to be a lot of moving parts with training camp, repetitions, snaps, pre-season snaps and injuries – all of which have fantasy relevance.  I never used to think this way, but now that the competition is so good in a respective fantasy league anything you can do to get an edge is strongly advised, and this includes but is not limited to what impact players are doing on their teams before Week 1 even gets here.  Let’s take a look at the AFC SOUTH and what you need to know.


Indianapolis Colts – without Andrew Luck this team is a disaster, and until you see with your own eyeballs Luck throwing the ball with some velocity stay away.  I love Luck and think the Colts have their guy for the next 12 years, which is why I’d be fine if they just put him on the shelf for this season, tank, take a high draft pick, and build for the future.  Camp has been thoroughly uneventful, and there is limited fantasy goodness here.  I like T.Y. Hilton only if Luck is healthy, and I’m not jumping back on the Gore train, even though he continues to produce.  Keep your head on a swivel with these Colts.


Houston Texans – there is all kind of fantasy goodness with this squad.  Unfortunately due to the Will Fuller injury you will no longer get DeAndre Hopkins at a discount.  Just weeks ago he was slipping to the third and even fourth rounds, but now he’s a lock down 2nd rounder.  Everything else with this team is par for the course, but the one thing you absolutely need to know is that Tom Savage is having a great camp, which decreases the chances that Deshaun Watson is the next Dak.  Not knocking the former Clemson grad and National Champion, but there will be no Clemson alum to Clemson alum TD connections in Houston for a while.


Jacksonville Jaguars –  I was high on this team last season, as they had a great pre-season.  They have even better players now, but I think Houston and Tennessee will out pace them.  What you need to know, is that Fournette is a stud, and should be a top three first year fantasy producer.  He has the perfect body for a pro, but I’m still not willing to invest a 2nd round pick… the O-line isn’t as good as say Dallas, so a first year RB is not guaranteed anything like Ezekiel Elliot was last season.  There’s always a Rookie that breaks out, but I’m putting my money elsewhere.  Blake Bortles looks heavy footed this summer.  I’d love to see him bounce back—but right now my eyes tell me all production will be garbage time production… which is a legit measurable, but not one that I’m going to bank on.


Tennessee Titans –  Marcus Mariota on the other hand looks fast, and his release looks improved as well.  He has a bunch of new weapons and Derrick Henry is getting a bunch of snaps with the first team.  I’ll likely fade both RBs because Murray who is a competitor isn’t going anywhere.  I’ve got nothing on Corey Davis yet, but I’ll keep you posted, let’s see how the first pre-season game goes.  Good Luck Gamers.