Des Boodram



For the next week there are going to be a lot of moving parts with training camp, repetitions, snaps, pre-season snaps and injuries – all of which have fantasy relevance.  I never used to think this way, but now that the competition is so good in a respective fantasy league anything you can do to get an edge is strongly advised, and this includes but is not limited to what impact players are doing in on their teams before Week 1 even gets here.  Let’s take a look at the NFC EAST and what you need to know.


Dallas Cowboys – can Dak Prescott be better than last year?  I say no, and I especially say no if Ezekiel Elliot misses six games.  Dallas fans are treating Prescott like the 2nd coming of Russell Wilson, but it’s not going to play out that well.  Dallas’ defense is lacking too much and despite a great O-line, Dak will not sneak up on teams this season.  The Cowboys have done nothing in the pre-season that warrant much attention.  I will say that Brice Butler looks like the 2nd best WR on this team behind Dez Bryant.  Once the coaching staff realizes this, I expect him to pass Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley.  If you are playing in a dynasty league with deep rosters, he’s worth a pick up.  Another note on Jason Witten.  He’s a great Tight End for the Cowboys, but a terrible fantasy TE.  Don’t pick him up… ever.  I do think Rico Gathers is the next TE in Dallas, so keep your eyes peeled for the 6’6 rookie out of Baylor.


Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz has a great future in the NFL, and he’s showing it with his current pre-season output.  He has clearly put in the off-season work, and should blow it out in the next 1-2 years.  He has experienced WRs as well with Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.  If Nelson Agholor comes around, that’s not a bad trio for a QB that still needs to find his way.  Zach Ertz is a sure fire week 1 contributor as well, so if you’re drafting a TE late, Ertz is your man.  The back field is a mess.  If Legarrette Blount is your starting QB, that’s not good, so expect this to be a struggle all year.


Washington Redskins – Terelle Pryor is NOT a sleeper.  Too many people know about him, and the social media craze surrounding fantasy football makes having a sleeper impossible.  The truth is Pryor is being eyed by virtually everyone, and someone in your league is likely going to reach for  him a little early, so if you want him, be prepared to reach, but not before the 4th round.  Which brings me to Kirk Cousins, who gets little to know respect in the nation’s capital.  His own team owner called him Kurt numerous times at a presser. I love Cousins and think he will be a beast in league, but under a new regime.  I think Jamison Crowder, is a much more viable option for true value, but aside from Jordan Reed this team is abysmal at both the RB and WR position.


New York Giants – There’s a lot to love about this team.  I’m starting with Brandon Marshall who looks all the way healthy, and still has some tread on the tires.  He’ll get single coverage, and no one has been able to matchup with him.  Yes Odell is a top two receiver in the league, but Marshall is primed for a lot of volume as well.  The New York Giants defense should be a late round target for you as well.  This unit is both young and experienced, athletic, loaded with playmakers.  They will come in on the radar for most on draft day.  Good Luck Gamers.