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Des Boodram



For the next week, there are going to be a lot of moving parts with training camp, repetitions, snaps, pre-season snaps and injuries – all of which have fantasy relevance.  I never used to think this way, but now that the competition is so good in a respective fantasy league anything you can do to get an edge is strongly advised, and this includes but is not limited to what impact players are doing in on their teams before Week 1 even gets here.  Let’s take a look at the NFC WEST and what you need to know.


Arizona Cardinals – there will be no team more Jekyl and Hyde than the Cardinals this season.  Thankfully we have the constant of David Johnson, who could have 2500 total yards this season by how Arizona is saying they are going to use him.  He’s as sure of top two pick as any RB in the history of fantasy football.  Carson Palmer gets a bad rap pretty much all the time, but his numbers are comparable to both Andy Dalton and Matt Stafford.  He’s as slow as pond water, but has a lot of great targets, and was healthy last season.   Speaking of targets, the Cardinals have Fitzgerald, JJ Nelson, Jaron Brown and John Brown.  New out of camp is that Jaron Brown looks like the 2nd best WR on the team.  He’s got to now be a consideration, but John Brown is healthy and has always produced when healthy.  I think all four could have value if taken at the right time, which may or may not help.  Personally, I’m sticking with John Brown, but looking at the other two in the daily game and in dynasty leagues.


San Francisco – lets peel the band-aid off on this team, because I will not roster anyone… ever… including Pierre Garcon who everyone is high on.  I can’t handle the stress paying up for Garcon and wondering if he’ll be double teamed as the only viable threat, or questioning QB play week in and week out.  Carlos Hyde is still on the team, but some say he could get cut, which wouldn’t surprise me because he plays for the 49ers… moving along…


LA Rams – if you trust Jared Goff, then players like Tavon Austin, Sammy Watkins and Tyler Higbee have tremendous value.  If you haven’t seen enough from Goff to make a decision you have to fade the rest.  Watkins is a great dynasty option but that’s it… As for myself, I’ve seen very little from Goff that shows me he’s ready for the big time.  Where to draft Todd Gurley?  I’m not sure, but I don’t want an RB, that is playing on a team that will be behind most of the season.  Plus, I’ve got a terrible taste in my mouth from last season.


Seattle Seahawks – I love the core of this team, including Russell Wilson, who looks more lean and agile.  Doug Baldwin is still strutting around practice with a chip on his shoulder, Thomas Rawls looks ready to take back over the backfield and Jimmy Graham is healthy and looks unstoppable in the Red Zone.  Golden Graham is a super sleeper for me, because he could very well out produce both Gronk and Kelce this season.  The Seattle Defense looks as sharp as ever as well.  I’m not buying into the hype of any other players that are getting first team reps.  Offensive linemen George Fant is out for the year, but this team has had shaky O-line play for several seasons, and should be able to find a suitable replacement, though Seahawk nation is taking this one hard.  Good Luck Gamers.