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Des Boodram



There’s less than one month left in the fantasy baseball season, and there’s still plenty of money to be made.  In the daily game you have to be mindful of who’s in and who’s out.  Veterans will be resting more and call-ups will be in full effect.  Teams chasing playoff spots will mobilize all of their starters, and those are the best teams to target first.  There’s nothing worse than rostering a DNP player, so double check everything this time of year for last minute scratches.

In season long – if you are in a head to head league, the playoffs are upon you.  If you are in the 80th percentile, continue to roll with what you have.  If you backed into the playoffs, you better be a beast on the FA market to make up for the stats you consistently lack.  In ROTO leagues, you are in it until the bitter end, and for some of you it will be bitter.  I am currently in first in my big money league but I have several nipping at my heals with a comfortable four game lead, but risk almost everywhere.  You need to assess where this risk is, and address ASAP, and I’ll give you some players that have been heavily targeted in the last few days.  This will be my last FANTASY BASEBALL POST until next SPRING, so thank you and good luck for the next four weeks.


The elephant in the room is Eddie Rosario, so why haven’t you picked him up.  In the last 30 days he is slashing a 22/9/26 line with a .295 average, and is the 21st ranked fantasy player in that time.  The Twins have surprisingly been involved in a bunch of slug-fests in the last few weeks making Rosario a much add if runs have been your vice.  He’s still available in half the Yahoo leagues in existence .




There’s Rosario, so that’s good, but Curtis Granderson is digging his new gig, and has rewarded those seeking power mightily in the past month.  He’s a ratio stat killer so take the good with the bad.  If you’re lineup is good enough to off-set a bad batting average, take the cheap homeruns.  I love C.J. Cron for the rest of the season too.  He bats in the sleepy part of the lineup behind other hitters like Justin Upton and Mike Trout, and has sneaky good power.  Look him up, he’s a top 100 player in August and available in 80% of leagues


A while back I recommended Rajai Davis, Ben Revere and Cameron Maybin… and I stand buy those recommendations as deploying all three would fix your SB issue.  I really like Wilmer Difo for the rest of the season especially because he is 2B/SS eligible.  He’s killing it right now, won’t kill other stats and widely available.




Two strategies here to close out the month, and it really depends if you are playing in a league with an innings cap.  If no innings cap, spot start at will.  If you have already blown it in era and whip, and you want to punt those categories, focus on WINS, and Ks.  I’ve never deployed this strategy, but have been defeated by it, and it’s the most helpless feeling you can have in fantasy baseball.  If there is an innings cap, you better spot start with caution.  I’m looking only at players for the last 30 days who’s WHIP is below 1.20 and ERA is at 3 or below.  A K/9 rate above a K per inning is preferable as well.  I’m also looking at the best relievers in the past 30 days as well.  If you can pick up 2-3 relievers and get 7 shutout innings with 10 Ks and a gut-shot win that will help while driving ratio stats way down.  Here’s a couple pitchers you should consider adding.


Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays – get him if you can.  His season line is meh – but he’s been on fire for the last month and should be fine down the stretch.  No pitcher has been added more in the last 5 days, and understandably so.  The K rate isn’t where I like it to be, but everything else is, so if you’re desperate for innings, rent Snell for the next month.


Tanner Roark and Doug Fister are both somewhat journey men who have been hit or miss in their career, but both have been on a pretty great run in the last 30 days.  Both have three wins, close to a K per inning rate, similar WHIPs and an ERA just above 3.  You could do much worse as both play for the Nationals and Red Sox respectively and are playing competitive baseball from here on out.


Tyler Lyons is the best reliever going right now, so he’s a must add if you are looking to trim ration stats and improve K rate.  You may vulture a win or two down the stretch as well.  It should be easy he’s only 9% owned right now.


Scott Alexander is a bit more intriguing to me however, as he has legit closer potential, with Kansas City fighting for a playoff spot and their current closer ailing.  He got the win tonight in a perfect inning with two Ks.  This is exactly the line you want from a middle RP.


Good Luck Gamers – I will truly miss writing weekly updates on fantasy baseball.