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Who will be the hottest teams this season?

There’s only one day left to begin the regular season of the NFL 2017-2018. As every year, the expectations for the start of the season are many, mainly by the gamblers and fans of the teams. The strongest teams of the last season are expected to maintain their power during the season, since they are among the best teams formed.


Who will be the hottest teams this season?


New England Patriots: It is one of the teams with the most chances to win another super bowl, although they still have problems on the defensive side of the ball, they have not finished adjusting their offense because of their loss of Edelman.  In fact, the Patriots can easily reach the playoffs. During the last weeks before kickoff, New England Patriots was reinforcing its list of players, for example they made a trade with the Colts, WR Phillip Dorsett for QB Jacoby Brissett, a trade that surprised the fans, but it was necessary. They can easily beat the Chiefs in the first game of the season, they already know how to win.


Seattle Seahawks: Last season is behind for Russell Wilson and his teammates, now they are ready to face the new challenge that will be 2017-2018. The team has already made all the necessary moves to improve the offense and defense, but they still wait to test the new strategies during the first week of the season. Although it has been 4 long years since the Seahawks won the super bowl, they still have high hopes of winning another title, they still retain most of the 2014 players and know how to beat the most powerful teams in each conference.


Green Bay Packers: It’s no surprise that the Packers are on the team list to get the title this season. Bookmakers around the world have the Packers as one of the strongest teams to win the conference and the super bowl. The question for the Packers this season will be: “what we must we change this season!” Another problem that has caused serious damage, is the secondary, although they recruited a couple of players to try to solve that problem this off season, the jury is still out! Green bay Packers will surely have their place secured in the playoffs this season.


Pittsburgh Steelers: Possibilities for the Steelers exist by heaps and bounds, but to materialize will depend on what the players can do during the regular season, it is not easy, but surely they will offer their best effort come December. Expectations for this season are very similar to last year, Big Ben will remain in the spoon that stirs the pot on offense and his ability to stay healthy will play a huge role in where they finish in the division.