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Des Boodram



With every passing week, as I watch my personal fluctuate by varying degrees I realize that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.  I look at games and I have no idea what Vegas is thinking.  I look at the consensus pick and I sympathize with my fellow gamers, and at the end of the day I’m just trying to get by, while strategically thinking about when and where to take my big shots.  I’m middle of the pack right now, but the swings are huge, so do you make your plays right now.  The troubling part is that there’s no right or wrong strategy to implement in real time.  The one that works is ideal, but if you put in the work, a seemingly perfectly good strategy may still bomb.  I do think this is the week to take some shots, but lets see how the public is leaning.



I know what you are all thinking.  San Diego is banged up and clearly not adapting to their new environment.  Philip Rivers looks like a Kevin Durant tweet gone bad, and Philadelphia looks like a world beater after their big win against the Giants.  But maybe the Giants are really bad, and just maybe the Chargers are ready to make a statement here. I already think this game is going to be a shootout, so to me this looks like a trap.  I see why, but I’m avoiding, likely to my detriment.


Yes I agree that the Bills lead by Tyrod Taylor keep this game close in an attempt slow down the pace with a lot of  work for LeSean McCoy. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t encourage you to think of this… Atlanta is the real deal, and their offense is fast and not reliant on Matt Ryan to make big plays all the time.  This could be problematic for the Bills if they are unable to slow the game down, even as good as Buffalo’s defense is.



Don’t do it people, Denver is better than advertised and Oakland’s defense isn’t as good as advertised.  It’s going to be a long game for Raider Nation, and Denver at home is at least a field goal better or more.



Yes the Bengals cover here… if the Colts can do it, the Bengals can do it, especially after the fight we all saw at Lambeau.  The Bengals are still a bunch of schmucks but the betting public on WSOH are all on the same page with this one.



For the record, I’m not offering any additional game insight, as the top 10 CONSENSUS games are filled with all types of goodness.  I am eyeballing three over/under games – because I feel I need to live a little.


Bengals at Browns (40 pts) – OVER – you don’t think this game has six TDs in it.  The Bengals found their offensive rhythm, and the Browns can score on this defense. 40 is a nice low number that these two teams should clip.


Rams at Cowboys (46 pts) – OVER  – the Rams have scored 40 points twice this season already.  The Cowboys have become more efficient on offense through each week.  This one is going to be close, but I like the shootout potential here.


Panthers at Patriots (49 pts) – OVER – this one makes me nervous, but New England has the worst defense in the history of the NFL in the first 3 weeks of any season ever.  DeShaun Watson helped drop 33 points on them as a rookie on the road, and now Cam Newton comes to town.  Tom Brady on the other side looks like he’s 26 years old and will keep the ball moving as well.  Both these offenses will have opportunities in this one.


Eagles at Chargers (47 pts) – OVER –  The Eagles moved the ball against the Giants in Week 3 and the Chargers are less dominant and less healthy.  I do think that Rivers and and company in Los Angeles will come back with a vengeance.  This home field advantage thing in isn’t working in Los Angeles… look for both teams to roll offensively.