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WSOH WEEK 4 RECAP – The Field Shows A Pulse

Des Boodram



The big hitters through the first three weeks hit a bit of a wall this week which should be no surprise, as handicapping though not being an exact science does require a type of rhythm that the bettor needs to find to make an extended run.  Though nothing is guaranteed it always helps to see the playing field clearly so that you can make informed decisions and there are times where the NFL landscape is more clear to us than at other times…  I’ve been there, so where are you at right now.


Quite often I reference Vegas odds makers for coming up with point spreads and over/under totals making handicapping a challenge and this particular contest almost impossible to win.  I love Vegas for bringing the sport to life for me, so I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the fine people of Las Vegas, in recognition of the victims, their families, law enforcement, first responders and all civilians who assisted during the tragic event that happened on Sunday evening.   My heart is heavy for you all.  I’m certain you are not dialed in for anything other than sports, and an update on where we are with our 17 week tournament, but my conviction is to recognize this tragedy in light of what we are all doing.


I hope that Week 4 was as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and I happy to report that there has been some significant movement on the leaderboard following big weeks from several competitors.  Props need to go to Wingenter, KdubbNM, and Croatian Sharp 2 who all scored +21.70 points after another brutal weeks of upsets, blowouts and bad beats.  Remember it’s not about the record, as the top three point scorers in Week 4 did NOT have identical records, as much as it is about the confidence points (units) you assign to each game.


It should be noted that of the 21 picks the top three made last week, no pick was common to all three and only four games were bet by two participants.  Two of the top three players had Chicago/Green Bay with the OVER, which is impressive because that was a Thursday game meaning they both had to submit all their picks on Thursday.  Both thought Oakland would cover, two knew Pittsburgh would cover and two clearly had a firm understanding of how bad New England’s defense is choosing the OVER for the New England/Carolina game.  The verdict is in, and the field agrees New England’s defense is deplorable but their offense is efficient, so taking the over against an offense like Carolina is seemingly a  no brainer.    It’s still amazing how many ways there are to finish in the top three in a given week.


With the third highest score in Week 3, and the seventh highest score in Week 4, Madcow1120 has moved to the top of the overall leaderboard hitting the competition up with a heavy douse of consistency rather than dominating one week.  Madcow1120 is clearly in a groove, and has a 12 points lead, which seems like a big lead, but you and me both know a double-digit lead can be gobbled up like a Kardashian gobbles up NBA players.  Other WEEK winners like Elroysports and Faolchu sit at third and sixth overall respectively.  The season is so young, it will be interesting to see if any fast starters have staying power.  Don’t panic gamers, this format lends itself to baby steps… let’s discuss further later on in the week.
*** Note if you want to pick on the over for the New England/Tampa Bay game you’ll have to act fast, as this game is played this Thursday night.***


Have a great week gamers —