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WSOH WEEK 6 RECAP:  Breaking Vegas

Des Boodram



Raise your hand if you actually play your picks in Vegas or with your local bookie, because if you do, this was likely your week.  No confidence points just you versus Vegas, and many of you brought the funk in a week that was seemingly more predictable than most.  This field in this particular season long tournament was unquestionably more successful in Week 6, than in any other week.  Perhaps the games were more predictable this week, or maybe Vegas odds makers were a bit off.  I believe however that you the participants, my fellow competitors are getting better.  I could be wrong but the numbers support my inference.


We have a season player finish with a 6-1 record ranging from 13.3 to 25.9 points #confidence points.  You have line up your confidence pick, because even when you nail it, the deltas can be huge.  10 of you at 6-1… well done!  Props to Hawkdawg who is now $50 richer due to a 7-0 record this week where he chose seven games against the spread correctly.  Would love to know if he put real money on this parlay.  I love their picks this week, including a New Orleans cover against Detroit… shout out to the Saints defense for scoring two TDs.  San Diego showing Oakland where it’s at is impressive, and I mentioned in my Consensus picks earlier that the Giants, Bears and the Rams would all cover.  Jacksonville is still a special type of fool’s gold.  All three of those teams got points on the road and won outright… Super impressive week by Hawkdawg.  Debledee was the top 6-1 player scoring 25.9 points, which is the second highest possible weekly score you can get.  If you’re dying to know which pick he messed up on, you can look it up, but know Debledee is probably not a huge Anthony Barr fan right now.


Week 6 leader Madcow1120 maintained their lead, despite giving up a bunch of points to the field and finishing with a 3-4 weekly record, while managing to stay in the positive.  Madcow1120 holds a super model thin six-point lead over Romoney1977 who had a 5-2 record but still had more points in Week 6 than eight players that had a better record than him.  It seems the as though the field was more inclined to choose games against the spread rather than going the over/under route.  I found the games impossibly difficult to assess in Week 6, and the field appears to have felt the same way with only 1 of 21 selections amongst the top three being an over/under prediction.  There were a bunch of defensive scores this week as well, which really moves the needle.  You can never factor that.  If you do, I’m officially afraid of you.  Good week gamers, see you in a few days.