WSOH WEEK 7 RECAP:  This We Know

Des Boodram



Another rough week in the NFL realm as an average slate preceded average outcomes with below average entertainment level.

Unless you’re competing in this WSOH season long game, where in you are heavily vested in seven games or so, and rooting for upsets in the other.  This we know, after seven weeks, the NFL is still almost impossible to call as many entrants finished with negative scores as any other week.    We also know that both game outcomes and over/under prediction are equally as difficult to get a handle on and that Vegas wouldn’t have it any other way.   There was a lot of moving around in the standings, as some of the top dogs made some Harvey Weinstein type drop offs while there were others lurking in the weeds that finally made their mark.

This we know… this is a crazy contest and those who have good weeks, should enjoy the red carpet, because next is almost here.


Props to LaBrown1019 who is a World Series of Handicapping member but more importantly the top dog this week finishing with a 6-1 record and 23.80 points.  LaBrown1019 said “screw over/under I’m sticking with game outcomes only”… and stick they did, nailing six of seven games including the Dallas, Minnesota, New England, Philadelphia, Seattle and Jacksonville game only missing the Tennessee game.  This is impressive, especially the field was split 50/50 on the majority of these games.

The second highest score goes to Jive Turkey who not only has the coolest handle mentioned thus far but consequently did the opposite of LaBrown1019 and went with five over/under predictions finishing with a 6-1 record also boffing the Tennessee game, thank you Marcus Mariota’s hamstring.  The next to players finished undefeated with 5-0-2 and 4-0-3 records respectively.  Listen in this game TIES ARE GOOD, they are just like wins, as Croatian Sharp 2 would find out.


A big sigh of relief has been breathed for Croatian Sharp 2 after stringing together so really nice weeks and chipping away the lead by producing consistently high point total each week.  The spot on the perch can be short lived as many have come to learn, so if you get there, even if it’s just for one week, that’s brag worthy.  Naturally Croatian Sharp 2 has their sights set on bigger things, but they need to enjoy this moment for about an hour.  KdubbNM is eight points behind and only five points ahead of Romoney1977.  We’ve heard these names before but I don’t think these guys are separating from the pack.  We are not even half way through this, and all past leaders are still in it.  Surely we’ll hear from names that are as mediocre as the day is long, and that’s ok.

This I know… we have a long way to go gamers, so get studied up, carry your lucky charms and be prepared to jump in again in Week 8.  See you in a few days.